My sister was suffering from psychological problem and behaving weirdly, but I could not handle her even though the worst situation she was going through. 

I can tell she is the one who has suffered the most in her life, anyone compared in this world.

Before telling what she went through, I will tell you how she was:

  • She is good looking
  • She is a computer engineer
  • She was married to a perfect guy suiting to her
  • Everything was going such a perfect way.

Now kindly read below:

She got the problem of low platelet in blood.

  • In pregnancy, she suffered such a critical situation that she lost her eyesight, hearing ability and not able to talk, this all while her baby in womb. 
  • During this period, doctors said, if she could live for a night more then only we can hope she will be alive else nothing was in doctor's hands.
  • Her baby died
  • She went into unconsciousness for a month almost
  • Her brain got damaged at some places and she lost ability to walk, talk  partially.
  • She is not a normal person now like most of us
  • During the time we tried a lot for recovery or solution to her problems.
  • After a couple of years, her husband filed a divorce case against her.
  • Due all this, she is now being treated mentally ill person.

And still I used to shout on her, sometime become violent with her.

Now when she is seeming calm because of psychological medicines, I am feeling very bad for her and her life.

It was a time when we were all tired of treating her and spending money on her.

But when we recall that she the regular person, but suddenly in  a day she was out of the category of normal people, I cannot understand why life behaved such bad with her.

At least, now I assume my responsibility that I will take care of her till last day of our lives.

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