Will tell you one shameful incident here. Yes shameful !
While in college, we used to order daily meal 2 times a day.
Tiffin used to be delivered by person from mess service.
One day he got very late that everyone got so hungry and waiting for him like anything.
He got so late that he delivered tiffins of our junior also at our room and requested us to please co-operate for today.
We called our juniors and conveyed the message and told them to come over the place to get lunch.
They arrived and the tiffins were combined and so had to be shared.
I was just studying for a subject and one junior just opened a tiffin which was to be shared with me.
He was unaware of the things and hungry same time.
I informed him that the tiffin was to be shared and so please eat accordingly as I was going to have it later.
He replied me in very rude manner that it was none of his business.
I got so annoyed and angry that I shouted and insulted in very harsh and bad words.
I also threatened him to slap him there.
Everyone including his classmates and my classmates fade that it became very tensed moment.
He didn't reply me anything on that.
But just eating just one or two bites and suddenly got up and left the place and food without eating.
I thought it will be just normal anger.
But when my other juniors told me that he cried and wept very much after reaching his room and couldn't be consoled.
I was so nonsense person at that time to tackle that situation like his senior.
They should have learnt from me something instead of seeing such rude behavior example from their senior.
Such a shame on me !!!

Offer, Hand, Handful Of, Help, Respect, Awe, Attention

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