From school days, one thing specifically and dominantly can not be erased from my mind.
I was in 9th standard and final exams in summer were started.
I was very timid boy in school.
I got easily bullied many times and used to be very afraid to defend who hurt me then.
The good thing was I was very bright student in academics and so because of that only teachers and other students who were weaker in studies, respected me !
I clearly remember that it was paper of History subject.
As it was summer hot day(in India especially), we were told to drink good amount water while leaving for exam.
I usually did that.
In the middle of the exam, I got immense urge for micturation as a result of over drinking of water.
But any way, I could have easily sought permission from supervisor and got relaxed.
I was scared to teacher to ask him to go out.
I was feeling ashamed to ask in front of other students though it was absolutely natural
I had to think of the questions still remained to answered.
Yes - now you got how much I was thinking of other people around me.
And what happened then is something still embarrasses me:
While thinking about everything around, my urine got released unknowingly !
It released with such a flow that I totally lost control over my organs and let it flow completely.
The urine was sprinkling on other students sitting at my front and back benches.
After this dramatic and weird thing happened:
  • Students around my bench sat distant
  • Teacher still asked me to go out and be fresh in washroom
  • While I came back, everyone stared at me - still remember
  • Peon of school spread sand on the wet floor area
  • Teacher inquired me if I am suffering form any health issue
  • Next day, my classmates were asking me why that happened. But due to the tough exam paper on that day they were already tensed so ignored that topic
  • I somehow hid this incident from my family but one of my neighbor boy in same school, told my parents !
  • I faced my parents for this and they were irritated on me
There are many such incidents in my life:
Boy, Child, Sad, Alone, Sit, Sitting On Jacket, Forest

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