While I was in college for studying engineering, I lived with my classmates in rented room.

From my childhood I got a habit of judging the people.

Sometimes I judged them from appearance, how they talk, did they get style, are they rich, and many factors.

Yes, I was extremely judgmental.

If someone disagreed with me I would hate him so much that I would consider him my enemy !

While in college I hurt many times to my friends.

I used to cross their points just to satisfy my anger towards them in any way.

I just wanted to prove them inferior.

Once we were discussing about job placements in other colleges and my friend P casually put a point that X college is very good in placements.
But I disagreed.

Then he told me some facts about his favorite college.

On that, I opposed him so strongly and shouting voice that he got so hurt and annoyed so much.

He declared in very offended manner that he will never talk with me again.

I was very much embarrassed and ashamed in front of them.

I should have taken it casually and let that matter go as it was not going to benefit anyone anyway ! 

I could have done that if I had this learning from life in past.

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