You will read about my ridiculous behavioral scenes.

During school days, I used to visit my maternal aunties-uncles' places in another towns.

They were so welcoming to me that I never ever felt I was out of my home treating me like own parents.

I used to live there for a month or more continuously without hesitation and they also would treat me like their son.

But I was so irritating with my thoughts that I would do below psycho things at their house:
  • Spread the talcum powder on floor just to waste
  • Unnecessarily waste the bath soap while taking bath by doing extra usage
  • Throw toys or their parts of toys of my cousins to hurt them
  • Try to show them inferior by showing off my academics talent so that my aunts/uncles will scold them
  • Intentionally read books or pretend to study in vacation to make aunt/uncle scold my cousins
  • Indirectly insulting their thoughts or their way of living 
  • And many such irritating things

Once my younger cousin asked me directly in front of my aunt that why I threw their toys parts.

I was so embarrassed that my aunt scolded my cousin to stop making me ashamed !

Even today I feel same embarrassment !

Even today my all aunts and uncles treat me the same way even after knowing 'actual me' from my childhood, and that is the greatness of them.

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