We unknowingly offend our parents very painfully. I still feel guilty for this incidence in my life.

I had just passed engineering exam. So I was on cloud 9 and feeling overconfident and proud.

I was thinking that I had become smarter than my parents as I could become more educated than them !

Yes - you can call me by any stupid name as you want for this big big ridiculous thing towards my parents.

Then I was thinking my parents don't know anything now and I will decide and teach them how to live life.

One day, a discussion started between us and Pappa advised as well as recommended me to pursue MBA.

But due to ego of recent achievement, I told him some non-sense about MBA just to prove him incorrect and me superior.

I replied him that I am going to pursue CDAC course and become IT Engineer.

He again advised me that once career starts we become lazy to take further education.

And below was my reply to him, filled with peak of ego, overconfidence and disgust !!!

"Are you advising me MBA to save your money of CDAC course fees ?"

That time I did not understood how much I hurt him though he was doing everything for me with an unselfish manner.

After so many years now, I can not hold my tears remebering this. Never Ever Do It.

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