You are going to read a guilty incident of my life.

In CORONA pandemic, I am living with my family now a days - me, my wife, a small kid and my younger sister.

I am jobless and so badly managing with money.

My sister is actually physically disabled because of a medical condition during her pregnancy and delivery, and lost her child.

She almost lost control over right side of her body, starting from head to feet, her hand barely moves and walks with dragging feet.

She also does not have fluent talk capability like a normal human.

She needs everyday medicine so that other out of control indications are not seen.

In all, her life suddenly got dependent on us, and moreover her husband also filed a divorce case against her !

I do not think anybody might have seen so many sadness in one life within the age of 30 !

We are witnessing it in front of our eyes - can not express the pain we get while we see her everyday in that condition.

She usually remains quite and looks other small children from window, playing in garden.

Now, in this COVID 19 situation, while I became panic if food resources and money will be available or not.

I literally started telling my sister that she should not eat like usual.

To be honest, I was considering her a burden on me.

I literally wanted her to be out of my house, this was my feeling.



One day, my mother called me on phone and told me to  bring a medicine for her whenever possible. 

As my sister did not want to face me for more expenses because of her.

And next day, my sister brought her Debit Card to me ! And asked me use the money as I might be in need of.

I felt so guilty and embarrassed, and threw all inhuman thoughts from my mind that.

I started considering her a human again and it was the situation which is why she is living with us.

No-one would like to live within favor of anyone.

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