Today's incident is a discussion with my father and his advice, and the final result.

I was badly having crush on a co-actor girl in acting work. She was from different cast but same religion.

The girl was from a very high class family, with mesmerizing beauty and with all physical appearances like perfect height for girl, sweet voice, fair skin, long, dense and silky hair - I liked everything about her.

Most importantly she used to trust on me like anything.

She used to come alone with me for movie, used to invite me at her house even though no-one at her home - this was the trust of her on me, and so can not be judgmental about her thoughts.

Let me clarify - nothing happened between us - I never allowed it to happen to keep the trust unbroken.

Also I was afraid that she will say NO to me.

I told this everything to my parents, and they were concerned about her upper class status and different caste though they were not in complete oppose if it happens.

One day, me and my Pappa were travelling in train back from Mumbai.

That topic got triggered.

Pappa was very sensitive while talking on it with me considering my emotions attached with her.

He advised me to avoid proposing her for marriage.

He gave only one reason that if she rejects me then in future you both may not posses the same status of relationship, even friendship !

I still proposed her on phone and considering me a highly sensitive and emotional person, she explained me gently why that relationship is very much different that our close friendship. 

'That night' I still remember when she and me talked last time - and it has been more than 6 yrs I never get back to her.

Nothing more to say. You got how to tackle life situation like this.

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