Many times I have created embarrassing situations for myself and people around me.

Here is one incident, even today I think I was so stupid:

Me and my college friends were living in a rented room for studying. 

There was a festival called 'KOJAGIRI' and we decided to celebrate it. 

To brief about the festival - India celebrates it by making a hot and thick milk drink with lots of other complimentary tasting ingredients like cashew, almonds, sugar, cardamom, and as per everyone's taste.

As we were living away from home, we brought few cups of ready milk drink to celebrate.

We decided to share it equally both in quantity and expense.

We started enjoying the drink, and as it was limited everyone his own share.

Same time we were having fun gossips and chatting.

Somehow as a habit I finished my last share early by my other friend (named P) was enjoying slowly.

I totally forgot that I have finished consuming my part, but that last part I poured in my glass and started drinking.

Another friend got it and he just chose to keep mum but I got his changed expressions.

I became curious and realized the idiotic thing I just did !!!

Pathetic, embarrassing, I say to myself !!

But P was so open minded that he just casually asked me to finish it with a FRIENDLY smile.

I should have kept my mind calm that time.

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