In school, I had a friend - R.

My father got transferred suddenly and so in the summer vacation, we had to leave the place and so we could meet anyone hardly.

I completed my school, college and professional education.
Many years passed away.
One day, R called me on my mobile phone and talked with pouring emotions to hear my voice.

I could not understand the gravity of his emotions then.

After some days, a long letter , written on many pages, was received to my address.

I started reading it and it was R's letter to me, mentioning all the emotions since I left the place and him.

He was so emotional in letter more than my blood relatives.

One day, I called him to my place, which was 500 kilometers from his place.

Still he came to meet me.

He brought a dress for me as per his capability.

His mother sent food made by herself for me.

He also brought few murtis and gatha books to set in devghar for worship.

When I met him in actual I understood that he had managed the bus fare somehow to just meet me.

I used to go to my office and he used to just clean my room, and arrange everything properly.

We visited many places on holidays.

I was bearing all the expenses and it was almost a week he came.

I was getting irritated with him and wanted him to leave the place.

I could not understand at that time that he was so poor that he was just passing the time with me.

His home condition was so pity that he and his brother were not finding any job.

One day, while visiting a place I tortured him like anything with my words indirectly.

I wanted to hurt him badly so that he will leave the place now.

At that night, he wept like a girl in front of me and told why I offended him so much ?

After left the place one or two days past, I realized poor financial condition makes a person become so disgraceful even aginst his will.

On one side, we feel pity for other poor in society, and here I was getting chance to serve one close person, but then I hesitated to do that duty fully.

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