Today I will tell you that I never understood the importance of future security.

Which are:
  • Financial security
  • Work-life balance security
  • Basic securities - Expenditures on old aged parents, bright future of kid, to live a good life for at least self.

Nothing crossed my mind that something must be earned for all this.

I was just taking it for granted that everything will happen at its own without doing much.

The main reason of my casual approach was that my parents earned considerably more than enough wealth for me.

So somewhere mentally I became relaxed instead of thinking of my own that how I should contribute to it so as to grow the wealth !

Sometimes, I was even making fun of my parents that they should spend enough money for themselves, instead of saving - and on today's date I understood how wrong I was then !

All who are going to start their life, please please take all above things into account - your life will be heaven.

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