Depression Q- I desperately don’t want a life anymore. I can’t take the stress and pain anymore. What should I do?

Yeah…it happens and so do not feel it being unusual.

Coming to main point is - even if your life is over still the problem of your life will not end. They will still be there.

Anyone who knows you will not feel proud of you even after your life ends!

You have a only one chance to make others inspired and that is when you are alive !

I am more than 100% sure that your life can also be inspiring at which people can look upto.

The only thing you need to do is ‘Find that thing in your life that interests and excites you’

Nothing can make you unhappy if you are happy from what you are doing !

Keep on doing such things and a day will come when your expertise will be respected by everyone , like your parents, friends, relatives, and all around you.

You just have to work on your interests till that phase of life !

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