Depression Q-Have you ever thought about killing yourself? What helped you to come out of these negative thoughts?

Yes - many times in the past.

I would think that there is not a single good thing in me because of which I deserve to live on this earth.

So I used to think of giving up finally !

But I also used to think that the problems will never vanish and I will still be not satisfied. Giving up on life will be just like closing your eyes in front of challenges of life.

I had many ambitions and many plans on which I was working but you will not believe the MANY, yes MANY crisis I went though, and let me tell you every time it ruined all my preparations to almost achieve my goals, currently it is CORONA.

but still I am alive and waiting for that one TIME when all my efforts and suffering will turn into something good, because a life can not be so bad every time I strongly believe.

Do not waste your life - keep on moving - there are things which makes us live in real sense.

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