RAMAYANA - EP10 - Learnings

|| जय श्री राम ||

Karma is ultimate reason and result for anything happening with us.

Irrespective of Paap done unknowingly, you have to face the consequences as it has hurt someone badly.

Irrespective of the pain and sufferings, we all must try best to abide following Dharm.

Even if people around you express consolation and show sympathy, you still adhere to your path of Dharm.

Whatever task is allocated to you by Vidhi(TIME), complete is with utmost honesty and dedication as per Dharm.

Everyone's been assigned different duties and so we must focus only on ours, in co-operation with others.

We must never forget our birth place and always respect it wherever we are.

Any home you will are going to enter, make sure to perform Griha Pravehs rituals as per our culture.

Mill, Black Forest, Bach, Water, Forest, Landscape

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