Irfan Khan is personal loss

I had his glimpse very first in the song of movie Rog - 'maine dil se kaha..', where he was adjusting his glares with a smile of the uniqueness.

Then Maqbool and so on.

And the journey started from there till his recent films, Lunch Box, PIKU, Hindi Medium. It was more than just talent. Something definitely was extraordinary but no one could what it was as it just manifested, it could never be explained.

I watched his many interviews and I found many similarities in myself and him as an actor and as a person.

He was too shy person and very much introvert as heard from colleagues.

A great talent passed from the great institute like NSD Delhi - so question about his capabilities.

Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar in Hindi Medium (2017)

But what he achieved was with own sweat and hardwork.

He was major inspiration to industry and to aspiring actors, both professionally and personally.

He can never be learnt and He can never be recreated.

You will not see tears in the eyes of people who watched him in various movies but their heart is crying, and that He was Irfan Khan ! The Industry is mourning in such pandemic situation around.

This is a major setback to industry as well as loss. 

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