RAMAYANA - EP6 - Learnings

|| जय श्री राम ||

  • Father should advice her married daughter/s to obey everything in their new home and consider it as their own home
  • Daughter/s must behave in such a way that her father's respect will not be diminished
  • Husband and his family should accept the newly wed girls as integral part of their family, and take care in all possible ways to satisfy daughter's family to live happy
  • Sadhu, though becomes part of family people for their welfare for sometime, must not lure in them when the task is done
  • Human must not forget their previous wrong deeds, if they really want to succeed in their life, which made a setback in their life
  • The more a person progresses towards Siddhi, he becomes more prone to be disturbed by many bad intention powers to ruin everything he did till then
  • Human must get free from his family life at a correct time to make progress in spiritual way, otherwise his consciousness will only be awakened st the time of his death
  • Even though people around you are expecting you to be someone for them, you must keep the understanding of its righteousness and correctness at that time, so as not to hurt anyone because of that situation and will not show your greed
  • Ram promises Sita that there will not be any other woman in his life apart from Sita.
  • Ram also assures Sita a relationship like friend and expects inspiring him in good doings and restrict him from doing wrong
  • Always think deeply on the advice from elders and experienced people around you. Never ignore them without reason

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