RAMAYANA - EP5 - Learnings

|| जय श्री राम ||

  • Always be involved in others happiness, especially family
  • Always remember the context of your duties and situation.It will eliminate confusion of taking decisions
  • Encourage your parents for what they did for their children
  • Try to understand the expectations of your parents and go to any extent to fulfill them
  • Elders should understand the situation and identify everyone can be befitted in that situation and try for the betterment of them
  • There are many things which are not taught in academics, like love between mothers and child, love among brothers and sisters, and many things. So experience and feel them while in that situation.
  • Relationship between people from Var side and those from Vadhu side must be tried to strengthen to last lifetime. Respect is deserved to each and every person on both sides.
  • People from Vadhu side must avoid accepting anything offered from Var side.

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