RAMAYANA - EP3 - Learnings

|| जय श्री राम ||

  • Irrespective of all the greatness or worthiness you possess, be polite
  • Serve your Guru at its best
  • Emotions are part of human or all living on earth. So identify them and let them flow naturally until they are not harmful for anyone
  • Paap done not only follows in bad way to you, but also it affects others involved in that situation. So you had to suffer multiple of what you did
  • Even devatas are diverted and become greedy for things, so keep the aim of Moksha so focused which will not become setback on that path
  • If you are confused while deciding something, always identify the context of the situation and do best that suits there
  • Ganga was brought from Vishnu to earth by the way to Aakash. 
  • All the big names of achievers will vanish but Ganga will keep its existence till the end
  • Ganga vanishes all Paap and so worshiped

Zen, Garden, Meditation, Monk, Stones, Bamboo, Rest

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