RAMAYANA - EP2 - Learnings

    || जय श्री राम ||

    • Though the strict and disciplined education is important, at the same it is to taken care that time students must not become insensitive towards emotions.
    • Performing a duty must be in association with emotional sensitivity
    • Punya means Love and Paap means hatred
    • Performing Pumyakarma must be checked with keeping pride(ahankaar) far far away
    • In the huge variety of livings on earth, human body is most prominent one to be born into, because it is the only medium to achieve Mukti and become free from all Maya
    • There are 7 chakras in human body which are achieved by Dhyaan and Punya and each stage is so powerful that it has enough power to divert us from our final destiny.
    • The final destiny is Moksha or Mukti, before that the Aatma keeps on searching for Mukti from one living body to another for thousands and millions and more years.
    • Jeevan is soul entering into a body and Maran is it leaving the body. Aatma never dies, only body does.
    • All the Vidya(education) must be applied as per the conscience and responsibility in real life, when the situation comes. 
    • Practical life is completely different from academic education.
    • Three debts must be remembered and returned in life :
    •     Pitru-Maatru krun
    •     Dev Krun
    •     Guru Krun
    • When the first 2 are fulfilled, the 3rd one is automatically satisfactory.
    • Wills of father should be considered as orders and must be obeyed like anything prior.
    • Evil powers get stronger as the day ends and darkness is prominent
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