RAMAYANA - EP1 - Learnings

|| जय श्री राम ||
  • There are experts for specific works in this world. So instead of trying things at your own, you must get it done from specialized person when the work is utmost important
  • If you know the expert or specialized person, from which you need something, then always approach him with politeness and without any show-off, so that your earnestness for the need is seen by him and at the same time the person will be given his respect for what he possess.
  • Never forget to express gratitude towards the person who offered his service for your need.This will encourage him for the work he does and we also feel satisfied
  • Behave naturally at the respective timings, such as if you are a father irrespective of your any greatness of your profession, play with your child like father and a human being.
  • For your child's best future, you will have to take hard decisions by controlling your emotions. Like Ram and his brothers were sent to Gurukul for the studies in their early ages of childhood. So parents must give priority to child's future which will lead the society towards goodness
  • Admitting children in study institutes should be trustworthy process in both way. You must have faith in teachers and teachers on the other side must retain the trust of parents at the extent
  • Bramhacharya Paalan becomes extremely important in academic career
  • Children must live along with other students without considering any inferiority or superiority complex - every student rich or poor must appear same in study institutes and so behave in that same fashion
  • Rich children must not show-off their richness in academic career, this will lead to inferiority complex among those who are not rich
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