The current public health crisis is only peaking right now. Knowing the fact that physical contact with an infected individual or respiratory droplet is the most common mode of transmission, there are a few measures each of us can adopt to flatten the curve of this exponential spread.

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Practising good hygiene is primary here. This only means getting back to the basics – like washing hands, cleaning table tops and other surfaces and choosing the good old Namaste as a greeting gesture. Some practices you can follow and teach your kids too:

1. Clean your hands with soap and water (preferably warm) at least for 20-40 seconds as the virus tends to attach to skin surfaces.

2. Sanitise hands frequently with an alcohol-based sanitiser (60% alcohol based) while travelling. Essential oilbased sanitisers might not be adequate right now. Rub the sanitiser evenly on your hands, including the webs between fingers.

3. Clean and disinfect frequently-touched objects, including cell phones, since they are closest to your oral and nasal passages.

4. Carry tissues and handkerchiefs. Cover your mouth and nose with tissues if the person sitting next to you sneezes and then toss that tissue in the trash.

5. Wear a mask (N95) for prevention, if you are sick or immuno-compromised, are a health care worker or a caregiver of someone who is sick. Wearing a regular surgical mask only works as a barrier and does not protect against the coronavirus. Discard masks after 6-8 hours of use. Needless storing of masks has to be stopped.

6. Discourage spitting at any cost.

7. Avoid touching door knobs, handles and switches in public places. If you do, make sure to sanitize your hands as soon as possible.

8. Avoid touching your face, mouth and nose with hands.

9. Don’t forget to carry exact money/change to evade exchange of currency through hands.


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Each of us must behave like responsible citizens and practice self-quarantine since human contact is the most common mode of transmission. This is highly important for senior citizens and those with underlying conditions, as they could be more susceptible to infections.

1. Also, avoid visiting public or crowded places and social gatherings/parties.

2. Avoid making use of public transport and do not travel unnecessarily.

3. If you have a domestic help, make sure they follow good hygiene. Even better, you could give them leave for the time being.


Having said all of the above, no number of masks or self-quarantining will help, if our immunity — the most important barrier for the virus — is weak and compromised. Immunity should be everyone’s area of focus right now. Stronger the immunity, higher the chances of prevention and faster the chances of recovering (if infected). Immunity doesn’t only depend on immunity- boosting foods, but also on other aspects of lifestyle, like movement and activity, emotional health and quality of sleep every night.


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It’s chaotic outside for sure, but you can develop inner calm by channelising your energy into the right direction. The energy you spend in worrying and fear can be converted into gratitude, prayer, meditation, pranayama and positive affirmations. No amount of worry, anxiety or stress will help. Instead, stress only suppresses the immune system by raising cortisol levels. Visualise and pray for good health. Affirm good health and safety. Simple positive affirmations to practice:

I am safe

I am healthy

I am protected

My immunity is strong and capable of keeping me safe.

Practice deep breathing, meditation as it can help lower stress levels by shifting you from a state of “fight and flight” to a state of “rest and digest”

Avoid groups and conversation that talk about how grave the situation is. All of the information you hear and see may not always be true.

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