Micro-Measures for CORONA prevention

     What I do personally:

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  • First thing first - I wear mask of a handkerchief or two even if I open main door
  • Never let my kid and family cross the border of main door, balcony door, enjoy air from opened windows 
  • When main door is closed, I never know who walked in near my door, may be garbage collector, someone else's delivery person, neighbor, or may be anyone possible
  • As I reside in apartment system, I never know who is going to cough from the upstairs balcony and those droplets will fall on me or my balcony place. 
  • Someone from neighbor window may cough or sneeze or any action can spray their infected droplets in air and air may contaminate my family or my house.So I open windows when everyone else either sleeps or closes window(when sun faces strongly to window)
  • I get out of the house only for must have things for living, such as milk for my kid, which I collect from security gate. When I enter back into house, I do not touch anything and directly goes to bathroom, cleans myself or takes bath considering any minute possibility of infection. Throw the clothes for complete wash. 
  • I also restrict everyone in family not to walk on the tile where I walked to bathroom. That places I clean up myself with a spray of Dettol liquid.
  • If I had to take my mobile out when I am out of house, then I apply sanitizer on mobile phones also.
  • If I have to use my vehicle, I clean the keys of vehicle.
  • I never allow my family members to touch outside part of the main door.
  • I keep the windows slightly open with curtains covered for enough fresh air 
  • I taught my kid to wash hands regularly after we play inside the house
  • I have kept a dettol soap in all bathrooms and kitchen place wherever a water tap is available
  • I never enter inside any shop these days, no grocery shop, no medical store, no vegetable store or anywhere. I just go when least customers are expected there and call the shop from just outside the shop and order the owner and request him to bring the goods outside and make the payment by digital way.
  • I strictly avoid cash transactions these days. Even if I had to, I keep the returned money in sunlight for next 2 days in balcony and then take it inside home and keep them at unreachable place for kid.
  • I strictly avoid vegetables purchase, as those are wet good where I think them of being infected easily and virus living on it for more time.
  • If vegetables are bought by me, I keep them in sunlight in balcony for 1 or 2 days, and then take them inside bathroom and wash them in a bucket with dettol liquid or soap in hot solar water.
  • Then allow them to become dry and after that wash with regular running water and then finally use them.
  • In some cases, if I had to handover anything to another unknown person, then I talk with him on phone first, and request him to stand at any place then I reach near to him with 10 feet distance and then I keep that thing there and I leave from there and he picks it up. People really cooperate!
  • Climate change is also taken seriously because for other regular diseases of it, we may face problems of unavailability of doctors.So care must be taken.
  • I always remember when I get bored that there is no vaccine or medicine for guaranteed recovery from corona infection. So better stay home.
  • No overconfidence that it can not infect you. And there you become casual and alert is released from mind.

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