RAMAYANA - EP7 - Learnings

|| जय श्री राम ||

  • Be aware to promise something to someone - even if it is your trusted wife or anyone. They can betray you - it may be a possibility.
  • Once you have given your words, then never turn back by not following them in any case.It may destroy you for sometime, but it will definitely not make you feel ashamed.
  • Do not get driven by your near and dear ones, even if they are convincing you for your goodwill but it is causing huge damage to someone else. Identify them and save yourself from committing mistakes which may be regretted for lifetime.
  • If many ones around you are being hurt badly then make yourself turn back from what you think to do. 

रघुकुल रीत सदा चल आई, प्राण जाई पर वचन न जाई

Micro-Measures for CORONA prevention

     What I do personally:

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  • First thing first - I wear mask of a handkerchief or two even if I open main door
  • Never let my kid and family cross the border of main door, balcony door, enjoy air from opened windows 
  • When main door is closed, I never know who walked in near my door, may be garbage collector, someone else's delivery person, neighbor, or may be anyone possible
  • As I reside in apartment system, I never know who is going to cough from the upstairs balcony and those droplets will fall on me or my balcony place. 
  • Someone from neighbor window may cough or sneeze or any action can spray their infected droplets in air and air may contaminate my family or my house.So I open windows when everyone else either sleeps or closes window(when sun faces strongly to window)
  • I get out of the house only for must have things for living, such as milk for my kid, which I collect from security gate. When I enter back into house, I do not touch anything and directly goes to bathroom, cleans myself or takes bath considering any minute possibility of infection. Throw the clothes for complete wash. 
  • I also restrict everyone in family not to walk on the tile where I walked to bathroom. That places I clean up myself with a spray of Dettol liquid.
  • If I had to take my mobile out when I am out of house, then I apply sanitizer on mobile phones also.
  • If I have to use my vehicle, I clean the keys of vehicle.
  • I never allow my family members to touch outside part of the main door.
  • I keep the windows slightly open with curtains covered for enough fresh air 
  • I taught my kid to wash hands regularly after we play inside the house
  • I have kept a dettol soap in all bathrooms and kitchen place wherever a water tap is available
  • I never enter inside any shop these days, no grocery shop, no medical store, no vegetable store or anywhere. I just go when least customers are expected there and call the shop from just outside the shop and order the owner and request him to bring the goods outside and make the payment by digital way.
  • I strictly avoid cash transactions these days. Even if I had to, I keep the returned money in sunlight for next 2 days in balcony and then take it inside home and keep them at unreachable place for kid.
  • I strictly avoid vegetables purchase, as those are wet good where I think them of being infected easily and virus living on it for more time.
  • If vegetables are bought by me, I keep them in sunlight in balcony for 1 or 2 days, and then take them inside bathroom and wash them in a bucket with dettol liquid or soap in hot solar water.
  • Then allow them to become dry and after that wash with regular running water and then finally use them.
  • In some cases, if I had to handover anything to another unknown person, then I talk with him on phone first, and request him to stand at any place then I reach near to him with 10 feet distance and then I keep that thing there and I leave from there and he picks it up. People really cooperate!
  • Climate change is also taken seriously because for other regular diseases of it, we may face problems of unavailability of doctors.So care must be taken.
  • I always remember when I get bored that there is no vaccine or medicine for guaranteed recovery from corona infection. So better stay home.
  • No overconfidence that it can not infect you. And there you become casual and alert is released from mind.

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The current public health crisis is only peaking right now. Knowing the fact that physical contact with an infected individual or respiratory droplet is the most common mode of transmission, there are a few measures each of us can adopt to flatten the curve of this exponential spread.

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Practising good hygiene is primary here. This only means getting back to the basics – like washing hands, cleaning table tops and other surfaces and choosing the good old Namaste as a greeting gesture. Some practices you can follow and teach your kids too:

1. Clean your hands with soap and water (preferably warm) at least for 20-40 seconds as the virus tends to attach to skin surfaces.

2. Sanitise hands frequently with an alcohol-based sanitiser (60% alcohol based) while travelling. Essential oilbased sanitisers might not be adequate right now. Rub the sanitiser evenly on your hands, including the webs between fingers.

3. Clean and disinfect frequently-touched objects, including cell phones, since they are closest to your oral and nasal passages.

4. Carry tissues and handkerchiefs. Cover your mouth and nose with tissues if the person sitting next to you sneezes and then toss that tissue in the trash.

5. Wear a mask (N95) for prevention, if you are sick or immuno-compromised, are a health care worker or a caregiver of someone who is sick. Wearing a regular surgical mask only works as a barrier and does not protect against the coronavirus. Discard masks after 6-8 hours of use. Needless storing of masks has to be stopped.

6. Discourage spitting at any cost.

7. Avoid touching door knobs, handles and switches in public places. If you do, make sure to sanitize your hands as soon as possible.

8. Avoid touching your face, mouth and nose with hands.

9. Don’t forget to carry exact money/change to evade exchange of currency through hands.


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Each of us must behave like responsible citizens and practice self-quarantine since human contact is the most common mode of transmission. This is highly important for senior citizens and those with underlying conditions, as they could be more susceptible to infections.

1. Also, avoid visiting public or crowded places and social gatherings/parties.

2. Avoid making use of public transport and do not travel unnecessarily.

3. If you have a domestic help, make sure they follow good hygiene. Even better, you could give them leave for the time being.


Having said all of the above, no number of masks or self-quarantining will help, if our immunity — the most important barrier for the virus — is weak and compromised. Immunity should be everyone’s area of focus right now. Stronger the immunity, higher the chances of prevention and faster the chances of recovering (if infected). Immunity doesn’t only depend on immunity- boosting foods, but also on other aspects of lifestyle, like movement and activity, emotional health and quality of sleep every night.


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It’s chaotic outside for sure, but you can develop inner calm by channelising your energy into the right direction. The energy you spend in worrying and fear can be converted into gratitude, prayer, meditation, pranayama and positive affirmations. No amount of worry, anxiety or stress will help. Instead, stress only suppresses the immune system by raising cortisol levels. Visualise and pray for good health. Affirm good health and safety. Simple positive affirmations to practice:

I am safe

I am healthy

I am protected

My immunity is strong and capable of keeping me safe.

Practice deep breathing, meditation as it can help lower stress levels by shifting you from a state of “fight and flight” to a state of “rest and digest”

Avoid groups and conversation that talk about how grave the situation is. All of the information you hear and see may not always be true.

RAMAYANA - EP6 - Learnings

|| जय श्री राम ||

  • Father should advice her married daughter/s to obey everything in their new home and consider it as their own home
  • Daughter/s must behave in such a way that her father's respect will not be diminished
  • Husband and his family should accept the newly wed girls as integral part of their family, and take care in all possible ways to satisfy daughter's family to live happy
  • Sadhu, though becomes part of family people for their welfare for sometime, must not lure in them when the task is done
  • Human must not forget their previous wrong deeds, if they really want to succeed in their life, which made a setback in their life
  • The more a person progresses towards Siddhi, he becomes more prone to be disturbed by many bad intention powers to ruin everything he did till then
  • Human must get free from his family life at a correct time to make progress in spiritual way, otherwise his consciousness will only be awakened st the time of his death
  • Even though people around you are expecting you to be someone for them, you must keep the understanding of its righteousness and correctness at that time, so as not to hurt anyone because of that situation and will not show your greed
  • Ram promises Sita that there will not be any other woman in his life apart from Sita.
  • Ram also assures Sita a relationship like friend and expects inspiring him in good doings and restrict him from doing wrong
  • Always think deeply on the advice from elders and experienced people around you. Never ignore them without reason

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The stress these days is very high due to the global health crisis. Early morning rituals calm the mind and lessen your fears. Set daily healing rituals.

1. Start your day early. As soon as you wake up, do a 5-min body stretch in the bed to activate your blood circulation and muscles. While you do the physical stretch, activate your mental muscles by repeating the following affirmations: I am beautiful, I am happy, my life is great, today is a wonderful day. Research indicates that we have less willpower as the day progresses, which is why it’s best to tackle challenging items early on.

2. Breathe deeply and evenly. SMILE. Focus on stabilising your heart and pulse rate. Align your MIND, BODY and SOUL.

3. Once out of bed, drink a litre of lukewarm or room temperature water to flush out all toxins from your gut. Throughout the day, drink at least 3 litres of water.

4. Avoid checking mobiles or listening to loud music. Listen to what your INNER VOICE is saying to you. Do not participate in this inner conversation. Just listen.

5. Be grateful for what you have AND for what you don’t have. Become aware of what GIFTS your life has given you. Count your blessings.

6. Simple habits as daily journaling, planning can help you prepare for the day ahead.

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Calam-o-nomics in the time of Corona

It’s not an easy time to live in.The unimaginable humanitarian crisis has made the most calm among us paranoid. But there’s some good news.
You can quarantine yourself from everyday anxiety. Here’s how to go about it...

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We are living in a panic-stricken world. Only the degree differs. With the novel coronavirus becoming a pandemic with little signs of abetting, even the most calm among us are living with daily anxiety. What better time can we have than now — with most of us working from home or under self-quarantine — to introspect about our daily lives ridden with anxiety? Come to think of it, our current health paranoia apart — we have been living with constant worry on a day-to-day basis for a while now.

Long-standing research has shown that chronic TV watching and following news have in general elevated our fears over the years. Everything we see starts to feel real – like it’s happening right outside our front door. From a corona virus tweet to economic uncertainty, riots to stress-inducing headlines, daily commuting hassles to work pressure… everyone’s at the verge of losing their minds on a daily basis.

Michigan State University psychology professor Jason Moser believes everyone needs to learn calmonomics (or the science of being calm) in our times. While self-isolating at home for the pandemic, maybe we should start introspecting about quarantining ourselves from worry for the longer run.


Psychotherapist and life coach Dr Saloni Singh tells us how to go about it. “Choose a conscious response to external panics. Limit the use of social media. Use it judiciously. Do things to enable feelings of well-being. Maybe just sit and enjoy one cup of tea before the next feeling overwhelms you,” she says. In the end, our perspective is the most powerful thing we can control in a situation that’s beyond our control.

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Several experts have several ideas. Now that we’re mostly home, we can give them all a shot and see which one suits us. For instance, Moser suggests people talk to themselves! “Third-person self-talk” can be used across board to calm our nerves” when you are anticipating a stressful event. Psychologist Jeffrey Nevid, PhD, proposes a simple experiment: Spend 60 seconds keeping your mind completely blank when you are super-stressed. While moksha is long way off, we can learn to still our minds. Because as someone said: our mindset is the only barrier between us and a possible breakdown.

According to Psychology Today, some people stay calm relatively easily while others get hyper quite fast. And to stay calm, people have different preferences – exercise, drugs, shopping, meditation, prayer, conversation – the solutions vary from people to people.

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Life coach Ravneet Gandhok believes what really works is expressive writing. “Get the negative thoughts out of your head – journaling is basically giving yourself a ‘brain dump’,” she explains.

Dr Ramon Llamba, doctorate in metaphysics and human psychology, says, “Everything in the universe has energy, and everything in the universe is vibrating at different frequencies. Keeping a high-frequency environment inside our body — mentally, emotionally and physically — help us face the onslaught of bad news with relatively calm demeanor.”

How does one keep a high frequency environment inside our body? Practise this: do not plug yourself into fear. Easier said than done, you may say. But once you are conscious of the fact that you won’t let fear in, you’ll remember to tell yourself not to give in when you feel frightened. Lamba also asks us to keep our thoughts positive by arming ourselves with information from authentic sources. “It’s important to keep your emotional state happy and ‘high-vibrating’. Science has proven that when we are in a highvibrational state, our brain releases some chemicals that help us build our immunity,” she says.

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Another quick way to calm down at extreme stressful times is deep breathing. Self affirmations also help. Keep telling yourself… I am Safe, I am Healthy, my body immunity is high.

Adds Dr Llamba, “When the storm outside cannot be controlled, all you can do is strengthen your home so that the storm doesn’t cause any damage. Humming is one of the ways in which your brain produces a lot of nitric oxides, primarily called the laughing gas.” Look at Italy and Spain. They are all singing out of their balconies to keep themselves happy while entertaining others.
Psychologist Stephen Kull had once said that human beings’ instinct to survive is STRONG, but the instinct to alleviate anxiety is even stronger.

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The first step to alleviate anxiety is to recognise the specific things that disturb our sense of peace and calm. Business coach Peri Pakroo says, “For many people, worries about money create stress, for others, it’s a conflict with spouse, friend or colleague. For still others, worries over health can quickly spin out of control. Whatever your triggers are, it’s incredibly important to recognise them.”

This may seem strange but Pakroo says it’s essential for some time to allow these dark feelings to run in our heads as it aids us to learn about our triggers, and eventually figure out how not to get stuck with it. “Sitting mindfully with negative feelings can really lessen their strength,” she says.


Regular exercise is widely recognized as a powerful positive influence on mood and emotions. Adds Pakroo, “Also remember that other people’s energies have a significant impact upon us, both positive and negative. If you are going through an anxious phase, try not to spend time around people who bring out your anxiety. Be honest with yourself about how others make you feel. Make it a point to spend time with people who make you feel loved and safe.”

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At the end of the day, the conversation we have the most is with ourselves – in our own head. So, it’s time to change our personal narratives. It’s time to promote internal well-being by initiating action, no matter how small or large.

This time feels frightening, in part, because of our sense of powerlessness. Says Dr Peyush Bhata, life coach, “Understand that energy grows where focus goes. Shift your focus from negatives in your life to what’s positive. Stop thinking about ‘what if’ narratives. Bring your attention back to this moment.”

Calming down IS hard work. But DONE it must be. The best HAZMAT SUIT in this Age of Paranoia is HOW WE CHOOSE TO TREAT OURSELVES.

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don't PANIC!


Self-Care: This is the time for utmost healing of mind. You’ll be surprised how frequently even the most dramatically apocalyptic thoughts and feelings turn out to be a result of insufficient food or sleep.

Limit your exposure to social media: American Psychological Association advises people: “If the 24-hour news cycle is causing you stress, limit your media consumption”. Tune out to Tune in.

Reframe your experiences, rather than viewing negative input as a bad thing. Switch your focus from ‘they are edgy, it makes me nervous’ to ‘I can handle it.

Accept, don’t resist: A great deal of stress rises from trying to resist things. It is worth remembering that “anxiety and similar feelings are fairly appropriate reactions, normal responses, to completely abnormal things going on.”

RAMAYANA - EP5 - Learnings

|| जय श्री राम ||

  • Always be involved in others happiness, especially family
  • Always remember the context of your duties and situation.It will eliminate confusion of taking decisions
  • Encourage your parents for what they did for their children
  • Try to understand the expectations of your parents and go to any extent to fulfill them
  • Elders should understand the situation and identify everyone can be befitted in that situation and try for the betterment of them
  • There are many things which are not taught in academics, like love between mothers and child, love among brothers and sisters, and many things. So experience and feel them while in that situation.
  • Relationship between people from Var side and those from Vadhu side must be tried to strengthen to last lifetime. Respect is deserved to each and every person on both sides.
  • People from Vadhu side must avoid accepting anything offered from Var side.

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    RAMAYANA - EP4 - Learnings

    || जय श्री राम ||

    • Never get excited before your exam or test situation in life
    • Always wait for your turn to do something, and avoid make yourself fool by showing overconfidence
    • Seek the guidance of your teachers and learning from them in life
    • Ahankaar is something that weakens your physical and mind powers
    • Ahankaar also weakens to acknowledge the greatness of personality in front of you
    • Always respect everyone instead of emphasizing your thoughts
    • Ram is avataar of Vishnu
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      RAMAYANA - EP3 - Learnings

      || जय श्री राम ||

      • Irrespective of all the greatness or worthiness you possess, be polite
      • Serve your Guru at its best
      • Emotions are part of human or all living on earth. So identify them and let them flow naturally until they are not harmful for anyone
      • Paap done not only follows in bad way to you, but also it affects others involved in that situation. So you had to suffer multiple of what you did
      • Even devatas are diverted and become greedy for things, so keep the aim of Moksha so focused which will not become setback on that path
      • If you are confused while deciding something, always identify the context of the situation and do best that suits there
      • Ganga was brought from Vishnu to earth by the way to Aakash. 
      • All the big names of achievers will vanish but Ganga will keep its existence till the end
      • Ganga vanishes all Paap and so worshiped

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      RAMAYANA - EP2 - Learnings

        || जय श्री राम ||

        • Though the strict and disciplined education is important, at the same it is to taken care that time students must not become insensitive towards emotions.
        • Performing a duty must be in association with emotional sensitivity
        • Punya means Love and Paap means hatred
        • Performing Pumyakarma must be checked with keeping pride(ahankaar) far far away
        • In the huge variety of livings on earth, human body is most prominent one to be born into, because it is the only medium to achieve Mukti and become free from all Maya
        • There are 7 chakras in human body which are achieved by Dhyaan and Punya and each stage is so powerful that it has enough power to divert us from our final destiny.
        • The final destiny is Moksha or Mukti, before that the Aatma keeps on searching for Mukti from one living body to another for thousands and millions and more years.
        • Jeevan is soul entering into a body and Maran is it leaving the body. Aatma never dies, only body does.
        • All the Vidya(education) must be applied as per the conscience and responsibility in real life, when the situation comes. 
        • Practical life is completely different from academic education.
        • Three debts must be remembered and returned in life :
        •     Pitru-Maatru krun
        •     Dev Krun
        •     Guru Krun
        • When the first 2 are fulfilled, the 3rd one is automatically satisfactory.
        • Wills of father should be considered as orders and must be obeyed like anything prior.
        • Evil powers get stronger as the day ends and darkness is prominent
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        RAMAYANA - EP1 - Learnings

        || जय श्री राम ||
        • There are experts for specific works in this world. So instead of trying things at your own, you must get it done from specialized person when the work is utmost important
        • If you know the expert or specialized person, from which you need something, then always approach him with politeness and without any show-off, so that your earnestness for the need is seen by him and at the same time the person will be given his respect for what he possess.
        • Never forget to express gratitude towards the person who offered his service for your need.This will encourage him for the work he does and we also feel satisfied
        • Behave naturally at the respective timings, such as if you are a father irrespective of your any greatness of your profession, play with your child like father and a human being.
        • For your child's best future, you will have to take hard decisions by controlling your emotions. Like Ram and his brothers were sent to Gurukul for the studies in their early ages of childhood. So parents must give priority to child's future which will lead the society towards goodness
        • Admitting children in study institutes should be trustworthy process in both way. You must have faith in teachers and teachers on the other side must retain the trust of parents at the extent
        • Bramhacharya Paalan becomes extremely important in academic career
        • Children must live along with other students without considering any inferiority or superiority complex - every student rich or poor must appear same in study institutes and so behave in that same fashion
        • Rich children must not show-off their richness in academic career, this will lead to inferiority complex among those who are not rich
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