Travelling alone is life-changing

Travel plan | I plan my travel much in advance so that I am assured about everything.

Travel style | I am a leisure lover on my vacations, yet I like to feel like a local of the country I visit, stay in B&Bs, visit local veg markets, see the local culture instead of malls and much more.

Food while travelling | I love trying out the local food of the region I am travelling to, but the real deal for me is the morning buffet. I don’t miss the morning buffet anywhere I go and it ends up being a brunch mostly since I eat a lot!

Must-pack items | Toiletries, comforters, fragrances and pajamas are a must.

Travel lesson you have learnt | Travelling alone is bliss, it is lifechanging and everyone should try it once. Sooner the better.

Funniest or scariest travel moment | Once a lot of monkeys broke into my shack and it went from being very scary in the beginning to kind of funny in the end.

Travel gear | My style is sporty. Must carry items are a comfortable backpack, a good sanitiser, a water bottle and accessories like a bandana to style with.

Travel goals | I am going to do a world trip soon. That’s my ultimate travel goal.

Travel pet peeves | I have an issue with unclean toilets and fear of pets on flight!

Best family holiday/solo travel/holiday with friends | My recent solo trip to Goa on my birthday and the time we went to Paris. They have been absolutely the best vacations I can remember in a long time.

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