Today I Understood - 1

Mess with someone only if you have all the power and righteousness to handle that mess. 

Also TIME is something that will be wasted or invested in it - you have to decide.


Stress has an almost immediate effect on our gut and digestive system. This is why we are likely to experience spasms in the stomach when we are stressed, or feel butterflies when we are nervous. The gut and brain are connected to each other via a system of nerves called the Enteric Nervous System and are thus constantly communicating with each other. This is exactly why the gut is also called the second brain. What happens in our mind directly affects our gut and vice versa.


Cause inflammation of the gut lining and increase intestinal permeability leading to leaky gut. Leaky gut is the core of most of health issues today.
Shift body from a state of “rest and digest” to a state of “fight and flight”, thus shutting down all digestive processes.
It can alter the ratio of good and bad gut bacteria and lead to dysbiosis, thereby dampening the immunity as 80% of the immunity lies in the gut.
Affect the production of hormones and neurotransmitters that are produced in the gut. A hormone called serotonin is a happy hormone and is made in the gut.
It can alter bowel movements and either result in watery stools or constipation.
Unmanaged stress can also result in behavioural changes when it comes to eating and make us binge eat, overeat or reach out for excess sugar, tea, coffee, fattening foods, fried foods that can further damage the gut.


Maintain a good probiotic ratio in the gut. One can focus on the intake of probiotics as well as prebiotics. This helps replenish the good bacteria in our gut and get rid of excess bad bacteria.
Practice deep breathing.
It is the quickest way to calm the mind and hence the gut. It helps shift our body from a state of stress to a state of calm in a matter of a few deep breaths.
Add natural gut healers like pure cow ghee, coconut oil, omega 3 rich foods, L-glutamine, zinc, and selenium to your diet. Minerals like zinc play a vital role in keeping your intestinal lining healthy.


Since stress is an inevitable part of life, the only precaution is to develop a better handle over stress by adopting effective stress management techniques. Deep breathing, yoga, meditation, gratitude practice, positive affirmations, visualisations, acceptance, sound therapy, art, are some of the best and most effective ways to manage stress levels on a day-today basis. Such stressrelieving activities should be practiced every day to ensure that your gut isn’t affected by the stressors you may encounter on a daily basis.

Travelling alone is life-changing

Travel plan | I plan my travel much in advance so that I am assured about everything.

Travel style | I am a leisure lover on my vacations, yet I like to feel like a local of the country I visit, stay in B&Bs, visit local veg markets, see the local culture instead of malls and much more.

Food while travelling | I love trying out the local food of the region I am travelling to, but the real deal for me is the morning buffet. I don’t miss the morning buffet anywhere I go and it ends up being a brunch mostly since I eat a lot!

Must-pack items | Toiletries, comforters, fragrances and pajamas are a must.

Travel lesson you have learnt | Travelling alone is bliss, it is lifechanging and everyone should try it once. Sooner the better.

Funniest or scariest travel moment | Once a lot of monkeys broke into my shack and it went from being very scary in the beginning to kind of funny in the end.

Travel gear | My style is sporty. Must carry items are a comfortable backpack, a good sanitiser, a water bottle and accessories like a bandana to style with.

Travel goals | I am going to do a world trip soon. That’s my ultimate travel goal.

Travel pet peeves | I have an issue with unclean toilets and fear of pets on flight!

Best family holiday/solo travel/holiday with friends | My recent solo trip to Goa on my birthday and the time we went to Paris. They have been absolutely the best vacations I can remember in a long time.


A calm mind and disciplined habits play a significant role in determining the quality of our lives. Habits can either help or hurt our success in the longer run. Some pretty ordinary habits can grow into a lifestyle that takes one away from the way you want to live your life, and great habits can create a life that’s full of accomplishments and personal fulfillment. The key to a great day lies in having a great start to the day.

 This is possible only if you sleep well and enough, to wake up feeling rested and fresh. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, so it is important to nourish our inner world i.e., our MIND. An hour of yoga with instrumentals playing in the background helps calm the mind.
Change perception: Think how you want to bring flow to the stuck areas of your life. Anything stuck needs a change in perception.

Why do we feel a sense emptiness?

What causes a sense of emptiness and desolation, sometimes even after success? How can we deal with it?

When you finally achieve a long-desired goal, how should you be feeling? Euphoric, excited, energized, full of plans – right? This is what you wanted, planned and worked hard for... Life from here on should be satisfying and happy.

And yet so many feel this gaping hole right after the achievement of a goal – a void that belies the sense of success. It is almost as if the striving and yearning was far more exciting than the prize that is in your hands now. Young men and women who have been lucky enough to achieve their hearts’ desires and get coveted jobs or academic assignments are suddenly at a loss, feeling this deep sense of emptiness. They talk about it and the pain of that emptiness pushes many into depression and a state of hopelessness.

What went wrong? The pursuit of the goal sometimes becomes so important that it becomes one’s life – and without the task that has been completed now, one feels a deep emptiness. These people have focused so hard on that one effort that they forgot to enjoy life in all its nuances. Not just goals; there are also those who after a day of hard work, instead of feeling relaxed and victorious, experience a sense of desolation and emptiness.

The leads people to depression. But where does it come from? I think it is a result of being disconnected from one’s soul and the purpose and meaning of life. Instead of exploring our own selves and living life to its full potential, we choose to focus our strengths and attention on worldly achievements that give us a false sense of self-worth.

Doing better than others becomes more important than doing the best that our potential allows. If we don’t do well in our chosen pursuit, it leads to disillusionment and depression anyway. So what good is it to us if even success does not bring happiness and satisfaction?

How then can we fight back that sense of emptiness and suffocating nothingness? One way is by gaining a good sense of self. Know yourself. Understand what gives you happiness and fulfillment and stay engaged in these areas. Who am I? What gives me fulfillment? The answers to these questions will give you a true sense of the purpose of your life. Stay true to your principles and sense of integrity. Learn to love yourself and keep evolving. Read. Watch movies. Appreciate art. Be inspired by greater and more creative minds than yours.

A sense of emptiness is also often the result of an emotional disconnect. Some allow the ups and downs of relationships to make them desolate and helpless, while others suppress their own emotions so much that they stop feeling anything deeply enough, thus leading to unhappiness and hopelessness. Allow yourself to feel deeply and express emotions freely.

It is also very important to stay engaged with others. Make friends. Stay connected. Create healthy relationships where you encourage each other’s growth and give each other space. Relationships are very important to sustain us and help us feel alive and relevant. As Carl Sagan said, “You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you’re not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we’ve found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other.”

Creating and owning a passion is very important to one’s personal evolution and fulfillment. A life without passion or dreams is a dull and monotonous indeed. What is your personal passion? If you don’t know it yet, look for it. What sets you afire, keeps you happily engaged? Seek it and adopt it; you will never feel empty again.

Do not pursue any one thing to the exclusion of all else, even your very sense of self. Reward yourself along the way by indulging your dreams, your passions, your relationships. Having something interesting and rewarding to look forward to can help you get through present hardships and loneliness, pep up your life and fill up any sense of emptiness or isolation.

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