The hardest truths of life?

  1. Looks matter.
  2. Money doesn't buy happiness. It buys crazy ass happiness. - Eminem
  3. People don't care about your hard work. They just care about the end result.
  4. Poor people have less friends but genuine one's. Rich people have more friends, mostly fake.
  5. Never trust people who ignored you when you were struggling, but texted/called the moment you succeed.
  6. Only few of your so called friends want to see you succeed. Rest of them are there just to see you fall.
  7. Grades have got nothing to do with success.
  8. The person who criticizes you or tells you your faults privately, in person, is the one who actually wants you to improvise and succeed.
  9. Uninstalling social media apps won't help you get somewhere. Mind control and determination will.
  10. Drinking or smoking doesn't help to reduce your stress or to forget about some stuff. It makes the matter worse.
  11. Your social media achievements won't matter when you are on your deathbed.
  12. Getting a single upvote on Quora feels much better than hundreds of likes on Facebook and Instagram.

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