Citizenship Regulation - CAA - Exact Brief Explanation

Logic of the CAB and CAA - While partition, when India and Pakistan were formed on the basis of RELIGION.

So muslims are the majority there and they are living happily there.

Same with Bangladesh and Afghan muslim majority countries.

So now if there are few percent of minority people who are non-muslim, and if they, for whatsoever reason, want to return to India, we must welcome as majority of India is following the Hindu culture. It is ethical and our moral responsibility.

All these bullshits of protests are because they are not imagining the fact that in CAB if legally we say that anyone can get citizenship of India, then there will be no rule for anyone to enter in India(especially Pakistan).

Are we okay with that ? They do not want to consider this as the worst possibility, if it happens these dumb people will be the ones who will cry about terrorism, and other population problems !

All these problems of unemployment, economy slowdown,water/electricity/food/land and other resources are because of mere ignorance to the huge population explosion we are facing.

Yes these are issues, but just imagine, if we would have been strongest and stubborn on illegal immigration from Pak/Bangladesh and related borders, would that have been lessened the population we are seeing today ? Couldn’t we have controlled the things at least somewhat better manner ?

People spreading hate speeches, I want to tell them that applying patches on the issues is not something Modi government is doing, but eliminating the root cause is their focus so that other problems will be vanished automatically.

Yes, I am Modi govt supporter, and pls do not divert the topic now just because 

I support and my opinions are just to be ignored.

In day before yesterday’s news 10+ illegal Bangladeshis have been caught doing illegal sand mafia works in Maharashtra.

These millions and billions illegal people are utilizing resources of India and creating crowd for we people, even for you boy !

What is their so sympathy to let Rohingyas enter openly in India ? 

Where would the feeding, land, resources, be arranged and managed ?

And for your info - Mr Manmohan Singh in 2005 has himself said that illegal immigrants is becoming a severe problem if ignored, but Hon Madam Ji never let him do anything about it as she wanted more and more muslims to enter to appease existing Indian mulsims.

After 2014, I did not see any bomb blast by Pakistan(Balakot exception which we responded harshly and hardly)

NRC is other aspect of this or can say a complimentary step to keep a register to keep record of who all are living in the country and what is their history like when did they enter and how did they applied for citizenship of this country, etc.

In a small office also, we do check who is entering the office and requires mandatory and compulsory authentications to pass the gate. Then why there is so casual approach when it comes for country ? 

So everything else is unimportant until we fix the main problem.


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