Are you bad at keeping in touch with your friends?

There’s a special place in heaven for all low-maintenance friends – the ones who don’t put any pressure on you to call them up every day or meet them every single weekend, or even tag them in memes, since even that is an indicator of how much you think of them, and how much they mean to you, nowadays.

When you’re in school and college, you have all the time in the world to show your friends just how much you love them. However, thrown into the monotonous vortex of adulthood, things begin to change. The unfortunate truth? Well, so do some of our bonds.


Okay, most of them, actually. As someone who has experienced this shift first hand, I can say that very few people understand that friendship has very little to do with proximity — even frequency of communication — and is more about silent bonds and unshakable reliability in crucial moments.


The more organic and effortless a friendship, the better. But all great things need to be nurtured for sustenance. Going completely off the radar and miss important moments in your friend’s lives shouldn’t be confused with respecting space.

Bangalore-based employee assistance consultant R Alford explains: “If you totally disappear on people who care about you, and only surface when you feel like, the friendship will suffer. If you can’t show up, make sure you at least take the time out to explain why. Think about whether or not you’d be okay if your buddy did the same thing to you. Keep it easy, simple and transparent.”


However, there are some people who keep constantly reminding you of your ‘failure’ as a friend because you don’t meet often. Don’t overlook such behaviour either. No one has the right to send you on a guilt trip. Stop justifying yourself and take a break from those relationships.
As they say: Those who mind shouldn’t matter, and those who matter, won’t mind.

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