I was convinced I was a night person till I figured out that the start of a great morning begins the night before. Before you sleep, jot down the next day’s to-dos. Select your clothes the night before. Your morning mind will be relaxed and refreshed if you do these. Mornings are the best time to connect with your body. Even a 15-minute exercise routine gives your body a gentle start. Every morning is a chance to change your life; it’s a chance to change the world. Mind your thoughts in the morning. Empower and motivate yourself. Entrepreneur and author Jim Rohn had said, “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” Build relationship rituals. Breakfast with family is a valuable ritual. Take time to wish loved ones a great day. Give them real hugs and kisses. At work, greet everyone with a big smile. Start your work with gratitude.

The one big task: From the to-do list tackle the most important project that needs your creative and strategic insight and execute with rigour.

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