Life gets scattered

Life gets scattered when you plan on something keeping it the only choice. Never Do that ! Always keep options available.
There was a time when I was the topper in achievements among all my friends , relatives, beloved ones. I got habitual to that but !
Now is the phase I am continuously seeing my downtime. That is keeping me isolated from others now, I am departing myself from the world everyday.
I blame myself for this downtime. I have the confidence that I can raise from this also but !
When you are adult it really becomes difficult to get that energy to tackle that confidence. I wish I have had no proud feeling anytime in the past life. Proud brought me here.
You need right people in your life to guide you properly, to line up you if you are being detracted. Someone should show the mistakes to you, their impacts on your future life. It is very very very necessary. I am experiencing it.
You should be brought up to lead the life in any situation , and made aware that time can anytime change and even good time can turn on you if not tackled in good way.

Yes, completely agree on the point of risks leads to success , now or then. But it should not be at that level that it would take a lot to get back to the original path. My main grief and perhaps the reason for all the sadness in this world is that, we all try to make our family happy and in that achievement, we start a race against TIME, which makes us upset and many times we impatiently take decisions in hurry for quick happenings.

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