Anxiety - Why we become anxious and how can we not become anxious

The BEST way would be to know the fact is while living life we always under the pressure of a hidden manager - TIME.

We understand - we live - we know the reasoning why we are behaving like this - all is clear but why we still behave in anxious way !

Though not exact answer is available to - why we become anxious, but I think there are few things we can relate to anxiety. Just have a look over..also anxiety is something nature gifted us. Yes I agree that it makes us uncomfortable. Anxiety, I think, is the cause of few things which we are unaware of. One of them is future, we become anxious when we are uncertain about it, mostly.

Actually saying it is nature’s force to make something out of us. I think it is because of unawareness of a few facts- may be you can have a look if you are aware of them, and if not most probably you will get rid of it.

Living the life should be sequential

It is not always state of mind but something else needed to deal with stress

Anxiety is one of the emotions, but we are uncomfortable experiencing that emotion, we become restless and tend to do mistakes in life.

So we need to know few facts which causes this anxiety and deal with them.

Beware before life gets scattered

Know these unwritten and hidden rules on which we are living

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