American childhood is crying ! Crimes increasing - When will it stop ?

We all know the incident in the Charlotte gun firing in school. After that, everyone was banned from going to the university premises. Until the time of the ban, the students were in their respective classes. The phones switched-off after the children have written text at home. Due to the act of a brave child, the attack took less number of lives. Two people died and four were injured. One of them was Riley Howell.

Riley went on attacking the shooter, dumped him on the ground, but got shot in the attempt. The other children there went on to help Riley. Children held the shooter on the ground but costed Riley’s life. He was proudly honoured at his native. The Government also took the appropriate step to honour its performance. This problem, as a sad example, has become a hanging sword everywhere in America.

Nowhere is safe

It is a pure delusion that in your village, there cannot be such a school where such a horrible thing cannot happen!

Another incident(unreported) happened like - one Indian student of the seventh standard wrote on the bench in the classroom: ''I'll get the guns by Thursday. Pitch in $ 200 for 5 Swisses." It seems gone are the days – where boys making a fight, teasing others in the classroom, writing children's names on the walls. Someone from the Indian student wrote this message and the news spread everywhere. The child's inquiry started. If there is a serious objection, children are prohibited from going to school for three days; But at the same time, this event was severe due to the recent firing incident in the state of Florida state. 

The Principal assured that the maximum punishment will be awarded by the police in connection with the incident. As a result, the child was admitted to the improvement room extending the punishment of three days of non-attendance. The next academic progress of this child has frozen. If such a situation arises with the parents, then the children have to talk to them about what to do, how to deal with society’s view towards them. Do not feel discouraged when reading the questions of the children's eyes, answering their questions and answering the questions they have asked. ‘How can someone take the life of someone,’ when answering this simple question, it is painful to realize that these young men and women are turning to old age; But this is the reality of the times.

Action on such incidents and children is very large in school. Why do children want to imitate unfortunate incidents? Children look at these things through the media, listen to them, and be driven by it. Schools go ahead and take strict action against such incidents. There are several measures to discuss.  Some suggest, teachers should be handed over the guns, but is it really feasible? 

How come the guns become available?

A common question that comes in everyone’s mind! The gun cannot be purchased by the law until the age of eighteen. Now, in some states, this age is 21; But there are loopholes. 

According to the survey, nearly sixty per cent of students say that gun can be available easily as and when they want. Often the guns of elder people in the house fall into the hands of the children. Sometimes the gun is used because of mental impairment, but at some time only the children bring guns to school to boast. Often someone notices it and the gun is taken away from them. The action takes place, but by the time, many innocent buds would have ended. 

It is alarming to know that children plan systematically how violence will be much more intensifying. 32 children and some of their teachers were killed in the firing in Virginia Polytechnic in 2007. The child had studied the earlier gun firing incidents and had taken care of the planning of it to manage more number of children to be killed.

Lack of information

In 2012, twenty-six children and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School became victims of such incident. The number of firings has increased, and so as the steps needed to be taken in such a situation

The training was done in these schools too, but in the class, the teacher was new. Instead of closing the doors first, she first hid the kids under the benches. Till then, the gunman opened the door and asked where the boys are?
On his question, she answered of having no-one in there. The boy shot her. Because of this, hidden children fearfully started running around, and the shooter did the firing. Some children have survived, some have lost their lives. In another classroom, there was a teacher who unfortunately did not have the keys to lock the door. All the instructions of the training were implemented in the right place, so the children of other classes were safe and most of the children in these two classes died. 

Such incidents are now starting to be a part of daily life; but it started on April 20, 1999. 
In Littleton Columbine in Colorado State, two youths gun fired in high school- 13 children were killed and more than 30 were injured.
After this, schools have started to face such situations in many states. People started getting such news, discussions happened. More than seven thousand children have been killed in so far. Tireless efforts are being done to find solutions. This important measure to control the firearms, because of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the interests of all those engaged in it, gets sidelined every time.

People want peace

Parents get furious after losing their child, struggle to change the law. Common people are also uniting with them. It has added the students also. The children are now asking the answer, trying to reach their voice farthest. The best example is 'March of Our Lives' started by an association of students after the incident that took place in Douglas School in the state of Florida. 

The students are crying for the purpose of taking this decision on the issue. Change in the weapon control law and full background inquiry of that person before the sale of weapons. Students are determined to continue this movement until these two main demands are fulfilled. The latest movie of March of Our Lives has been surprising and shocking.

In this video, it is shown that a trained person who is invited to be an expert for training, is a school girl! This little girl is shown guiding adults what to do to combat the firing. Below lines are said by the girl as a summary:

“Lockdown, lockdown let's all hide,
  Lock the doors and stay inside,
  Crouch on down, don't make a sound,
  And don't cry or you’ll be found”

The name of the film is 'Generation Lockdown'. As a part of learning in American school life, dealing with violence has become an integral part of education. Politicians are content with the fact that children are being trained instead of being law-abiding about guns in their hands. Parents are also in need of self-assessment where they are lacking if such deeds are being done by children in their society.

The time will decide what exactly the solution on this problem can be; but how long the childhood will suffer of it, how many lives will be lost, the question will remain unanswered!

*Source - Regional Newspaper

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