Business Series - How saving is important is business or must do thing

If you think your business is running as per expectations and you can just go on spending whatever you want to just for the sake of it. Well, then it is surely not a success step further.

Every step of expenditure while in business should be looked at as an investment and with a strong expectation of return with profit.

Do not ever invest in the business something for the pleasure only. Of course, convenience is necessary but that convenience should be targeted for achieving a profit.

Always keep the business and profit usage as two separate things. While you must enjoy spending the profit earned on yourself and your family, but the same profit becomes something with calculation if going to be invested in the same business giving you that.

Because if you do not do it wisely, you will have to suffer it when comes to personal life.

All the best.

Sacred Games – A Winner show to meet the expectations satisfactorily

Its trailer does not give you the idea that it will be a 1000 times engaging show than expected seen in the trailer. The trailer is very much simple and seems an average screenplay to expect from.

The names, which most of the audiences compelled to watch Sacred Games, are Anurag Kashyap and Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Nextflix. This is the honest opinion before you start watching the first shot of the first episode of the series.

After you start the play button on Netflix for the first episode of the very first season, I tell you, you just consider yourself the fortunate one that you can expect something irregular and extraordinary! And believe me, all these expectations ate utmostly satisfied till the last moment of the first season.

When the first episode ends, you are just packed with the thoughts and feelings like the world they created, the performances (actors and directors all departments) delivered. You are just motivated and overwhelmed to experience this pure form of honest hard work.

It will be completely unfair to say that the triggering points to watch the show (Anurag and Nawazuddin) are not the only names in your list. A lot are added into it, irrespective of you know them or not. Character actors, the screenplay writer, the background score, camera work, the dialogues, and just everything I may miss in it.

The one more aspect to the success of Sacred Games is that the way they have handled two parallel psychological feelings – which are suspense that is created from the very first scene in the form of multiple puzzles and the logical facts about many things we see around us in this world we live in.

We get sucked into the world of suspense as a story but at the same time its relationship with ongoing traditional issues in society. And all the fields (business, politics, cinema, police, underworld, ordinary people’s lives, and all such) are so finely and creatively woven into each other that we tend to relate with them with very ease.

When you finish watching it, the exciting thoughts about the story and the title music lingers your mind for the next few days. You just cannot ignore it.

I was so much moved out by the first season that I just wanted to purchase the original book on which series is based, but seeing its price I just held back my emotions..ha ha ha.

Though very difficult, still I would list few impacting scenes:
  • The very opening scene of the first episode dog falling down in continuation with Gaitonde’s mystery scene
  • Sartaj confronting Gaitonde
  • Sartaj stealing car keys from crime scene location
  • Bunty confronts Malcon for consignment deals(listen to the background score especially)
  • Trivedi and Gaitonde’s discussion
  • Gaitonde punishing Bada Badariya in front of Bunty
  • Sartaj tortured by Malcon
  • Parulkar listening investigation of Bhosale, and then reacting to Bhosale as a dutiful officer
  • Trivedi’s secret vaguely revealed
Season 2 teaser is out already. Enjoy it too.

Business Series - Side products inclusion in the business - keep the change too business

While you think, you are getting enough of the business as per the expectation, well wait while thinking like this!

First of all, you are doing a business and not a job within the stipulated time limit. So there is no definite salary being paid to you, and so is not the limit to earning of yours!

If the primary products are really getting increasingly high demands, then do think of the secondary products keeping the part of your selling business.

The exact information about this can be gathered by the customers visiting your business.
Talk with them, understand their needs as which secondary products can be convenient for them alongside.

In this way, customers will be happy and will prefer visiting your centre for it, and you are ultimately few more bucks which may lead to other business ideas for you.

Keep yourself busy.

 All the best.

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