Business Series - Importance of product or service in the business

Before starting a business, one thing is very must to decide and that is - The Product or says service (also a product), you will be doing the business of.

I have few thoughts which are really important while finalizing the product or service you will be offering.

Here are them:

- Quality should be kept at the top of all priorities. Because people will pay for it if they find it worth

- Uniqueness should be well established. Product(or service) offered should be unique in its make or skillset

- Keep a vision if competitors enter into the same business(which is assured in some future), you should still have something customers will come to you only, and which you only can offer

- The consistency of quality in the business over a long period will fade up your competitors

If you plan THIS strictly, for the product of your business, there will success assured; no-one can deny this!


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