Business Series - Way to treat your business customers to get more business

How to treat customers

A customer is God. Yes, it is true. 

Though it is seen that the owner runs the business, it is customers who are actually allowing you to run it. So if they are not happy, you can never be happy!

Let’s discuss how we can make for customers to leave happy and satisfied with our business

-    Greet the customers with honesty. It should not be something fake or just for the sake of. No artificial/professional smiles. Make the customer feel that yes we are really happy to receive you

-    Another reason to greet honestly is that even if they visit your business just for enquiry, they should not feel embarrassed. You should make them comfortable that, it is just very fine to inquire about things before you pay for

-    While having a talk with customers, try to understand their side also, as they are also willing for a good deal like we all wish

-    You can always say them that before making a decision, be convinced about our product, like test something in small quantity and we can go ahead

-    Even if the deal is not a success, but yes that customer will remember the respect earned from you, and may sometimes feel to approach you just for your honesty

-    Be honest about anything, with your customer. Though not seen it really plays great impact to spread word of mouth

-    Discuss their previous experiences, if they visit again due to the likability of your product

-    Collect the information from them about their experiences at your market competitors

At the end of the day, the customer should be felt honoured.

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