Business Series - You must read this before starting a business to be succesful

If you are thinking to make the decision to start the business, then you are advised to go through this article. This will help you to make the decision of doing the business or not.
When someone plans to enter the world of being busy, there is a lot of excitement, eagerness to see oneself as successful and wealthy.

Well, it’s not that easy. But I assure after reading this article, you will make the decision which will certainly lead you to ultimate success, whatever you choose. I mean it.
Of course, you must have an idea of business which in your own view is perfect to grow and make the business running in the location you plan to.

Alongside – do ask yourself as a simple question – Are you planning to become an average businessman or you imagine of becoming something extraordinary in the world of its related businesses? Take time and think about it first. You will get to know in this article why this question is so important.

If you are ok with being an average businessman, and your earnings and your reach to customers is not among your ambitions, then there is hardly any restriction you can start your business. You can start the business of any products/services, any location you think is absolutely fine, anything should go fine in that case, and last but not the least, any earning should be fine in this way. You got my point. Very a few will be satisfied with this and they have every reason to be happy with that way. Cheers.

But for the other option, it becomes very necessary to go through the rest of the article, especially starting from here. Let’s see how it is.

First and foremost primary, the important thing in any business is the product or the service you are making the business of. Yes, I will be strongly advising on this as you chose the other option.

As you are looking for a long-term and successful business entrepreneur, then do note that your product is that thing which will make you stand apart and make you utmost successful. Your product has to be and really has to be unique. While saying unique, take it as its make should be unique. Whatever the method of making that product is must not be available with anyone else before. So in another way, you must have that person who makes it altogether different – a highly expert I say.

If this thing falls in its place then all other things become secondary. Quality is a thing which is very very rare. People really want it because if they are spending money on something which is available everywhere, you stand any chance to welcome them to your business. And why should they visit you for nothing special?

Even if you are new to a business sector, which is already populated with enough good suppliers, still you will make your own mark in that category with above-discussed points. And no fears of others because you have something which they can never have! This contains 50 per cent of the success.

The other thing which will make you 100% successful is your way of treating your customers. If you have the product they are willing to, they should get a respectful treatment along with the satisfaction of picking something extraordinary from you.
Until now, you will definitely have a clear view of the dream you are imagining of. If you give this step the best shot, then you are good to go.

All the other points become secondary without denying the fact that they too are an important and integral part of your business. We will talk about them in the next articles. Because it is business, means being busy and being busy can never stop however successful you become.

Stay Tuned.

Business Series - Job or Business - Which will make you richer

Title of this article seems irrelevant at first place, but I am sure at the end of reading this, you will have a new view changed to see it.

As stereotype walk-in families, one may unknowingly follow the footsteps of other people in a family, relatives and surrounding people in society to pursue a job as a career or business.

To choose between any two things we must first get the difference in them, we should understand why these things exist differently. Job and business have no exception to this! 

Let’s see how.

First and the foremost difference I can tell is a Job is a part of a business, but the reverse can never be true.

First exists a business and then jobs come into the picture as and when needed by the business. A job is employed in a business unit and that business depends completely on a job, it cannot happen. Entire job team working for this business in various roles runs the business, that’s the beauty of it. A job is just a plug and play device of it.

Full-time dedication and complete responsibility are key things that a business demands and must have for running it. A job has a luxury of not thinking about these points. Business is running 24x7; be it in foreground or background, but Job works only for the allocated time and as per the role in the business.

The business earns multiple times than that done by jobs in that business. For a job, earning like that is merely an imagination to achieve. Because everyone works for money in the end.

Business has to think much further than that of jobs. Business should be ready to handle all the scenarios anytime, unlikely of a job. After the time slot, a job just signs-off from that business for that hours or days.

If the business is in danger, then jobs are lost as a security of the business. A job is always dependent on business.

Business can take or takes its decisions on its own; it has the freedom of expression. Jobs can suggest things in the business to grow but it is business that can approve or reject it. Whether the job likes it or not the finalized decision, it must be followed to continue to be a part of that business. 

While saying all this about business and jobs, talent and internal skills are surely required. There are inborn qualities which tempts you to do a job or business. That becomes a choice based on that. 

Business needs an unstoppable force of hard work, enthusiasm, courageous and likewise many more, wherein job in comparison does not need so many things. A job has to obey the said things business as per their rules, policies, whether you like it or not. And in business, there is always a system which forces you to follow them irrespectively. 

Business can appoint various jobs are needed roles, and rely on them by monitoring the overall work. Business can ask justification to a job for its work being done.

So it’s not about only money or style they both possess, but it’s about your thought-process which is required to get aligned with it. And that will keep you happy entire lifetime.

So it really becomes serious what is to be chosen as a lifetime work. Of course, you can switch it anytime in life but if you start it at the beginning at the right time of your career, then it really becomes smooth furthermore.

And finally, I will say there is no third career option in this world which is different than this one. Think about it.

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