What Is God And What Is Truth About God - Know It Here

God was born on the man's mind. This birth date tends to be occurrences of natural catastrophic events.
Due to the tremendous winds, collapsing rains, floods, storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, and fears of man, insecurity and uncertainty, their mind, eyes and hands turned towards the sky automatically. God make those things happen in the external world, and he made his wish that he was created by God. Then he started praying in various forms and in different ways.
Man's life has always been dependent on external conditions and incidents or has made reactions with them. External conditions are made up of natural and social environments, which change with time. Therefore, changing the ways and means of coping with it is a part of life but not compulsion.
Various communities have been living on the back of the earth where natural conditions of each region are different. Therefore, natural disasters in the area are different. Man has different ways of coping with the cooling frost in cooler climates and the warming heat in the hot region. Natural disasters are also different. God's ideas in the minds of the people living there are different in different forms. The God of the cold land is providing heat to them and vice versa. And similar happens with the concepts of heaven and hell. 

As the human progressed he found more than one better solution to fight natural disasters and to live a life. It changed the concept of God. Scientific progress has proved that not all natural disasters are due to this mysterious or unknown phenomenon. There is a special natural cause-tradition behind every natural event. And when this tradition is completed, that happens. For example, when the water of the earth evaporates, its clouds are filled with water and the rain falls. If the clouds hit each other, friction in them generates electricity. After knowing these secret rules, the fear of it disappeared.
Some remotely located groups, tribes, uneducated etc. still look at them as divine action.
Today, if an advanced person does not see God in natural circumstances, he still believes in God. Very few people are atheists. Although some religious communities do not believe in the existence of God, they consider it as some external power in some form. They do not give the name of God to that power, but they are taking their support for survival.

Though man is brave and courageous and equipped with fully developed weapons and tools, still he does not completely depend on his own strength. He may need supplemental support from time to time. However a man is foreseeable in pre-arrangement, the possibility of accident, uncertainty and unexpected incidents of vulnerable events, makes him believe in the concept of God. Because such incidents are entirely dependent on external conditions, he wants the basis and guarantee of external power. At such times, he turns to his reverence and wishes his task to be accomplished as best as possible. At this time he does not use his knowledge, science, and conscience. Man's revered places are different. The best place where he can see it in a tangible or intangible form, he gets a bow. Those who only rely on their faith places to be fruitful, they are certainly stupid. But, those who use their faith as the place of inspiration and power are not weak. They are more active volunteers who accomplish their work by getting more strength and courage from it. 
As long as the community groups who believe in different gods and goddesses peacefully worship, propagate and spread their gods and do not hate or disrespect, tolerate that of others, until then there is peace, health and harmony in those places.
However, the biggest bloodshed in the world until now has happened in the name of Gods. Let's now think about the conflict of God. When it comes to thinking, the basic question arises that God is one or the many? Those religions that do not believe in God and deny the existence of God, we see that their followers look at the founders of such religion as God and worship them! It means that all human beings need an external support, power and that power is not felt safe without seeing them in some form. 

It is surprising that those religion and society who believe in God, believe that God is one and that God has created everything. However, every society also explains that his God is real and others’ are false. And this starts the debate about God! How to discern the true God and false God? If all human beings are the creation of their God, then they are not even thinking about their own brothers and sisters. They are hatred and murdered for worshipping ‘their God’? This is the result of all ignorance and mean mentality. 
Science has proven today that that power is actually some supreme power that covers the entire universe. Our planet is one of the many other planets like Earth in this universe.
Every material is filled with that supreme power, be it lifeless or inanimate, stone, wood, iron, etc and has been made of neutrons and protons. The actual example of this is the atom bomb. The atoms which create massive explosion cannot be seen by us but exhausts so huge energy. Where did the power within an atomic energy come from? That power means that supremacy which creates the entire universe may be called God.
How did this power come or who created it? And whoever created it, may we know who can be the creator of that creator! This chain of reasoning and logic is beyond our imagination.
That power lies in all living, inanimate and material things, that is unquestionable truth.
This power is incomprehensible and formless. Man attaches various qualities such as anger, greed, love to it and tries to make it look like himself or herself.
Fantasies are created which tell that power will punish or bless as per the rules set up. 
When any living being dies, then this power goes away from them. This force, which is situated in the alive body, is called the ‘soul’. Some people refer to it as 'spirituality'.  If this power is within us, then why to associate it’s relation to something outside us. Maybe such people are not aware of the energy that is self-contained. Man only needs its support from time to time. Therefore, the reason for it is to get it done Praying.
There is no need to search for God. God means supreme power and we all are its creation.
God resides in us only. It is what we need to be aware of and to behave like that, always keep our thoughts and actions in high values.

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