Talk Less.Earn Respect.

It sometimes creates a wrong impression that more the person talks, more is he intelligent. Well, let me tell you, it is not the case always.

Once a person enters into a talking zone, he/she may forget in the flow that whether the person next to him is really interested in listening or hearing it. So you can prefer to talk less and talk only if really needed.

If you take opinion from anyone amongst your relatives, friends, colleagues whether they enjoy guys with much talk or fewer talks, the most probable answer will be ones with fewer talks. Because the problem with much-talked people is, however they may appear interestingly entertaining, that we tend to lose interest in their talk slowly, naturally and unknowingly.

Of course in a mutual interaction, when you comprehend that person next to you is keen on listening to something from you, the talks are endless. Such talks are spontaneous and respectful from both sides; talker as well as the listener.

So the best way is to get the judgment of the mood of the person next to you, and then proceed to talk. If he responds and shows interest in your talked thoughts, then go ahead and let the talk blossom. Sometimes, even less but effective talks can create an impact to change the mood of someone. You can really inspire or refresh someone with your talk if done in a precise manner.

But hold on!

Even if the person is showing respect and interest in your talks, it does not mean that you can just go ahead and bombard him or her with your views and thoughts. There is a moment when even the inspired person gets to lose interest in the same talk which made him refreshing just before sometime.

So talking with someone is really a respectful deed.

When two persons don’t know each other, and they initiate a talk, there can be wonders. If both of you talk in a controlled manner, definitely it is a wonderful feeling for both or all of them. In that, they all can greatly exchange their views towards the subject of talk. In that way, they all earn respect for each other in their hearts. Earning the respects in the heart in way more respectful than doing it only superficially. We all must agree to this.

On the other hand, if any of them tries to compel his or her thought over others, then it no longer remains a talk which someone is interested in. It may become a disrespectful thing if we don’t respect other’s talked things. So you have to be very careful while talking.
Talking is the lightly taken thing by most of us, but its impact is also ignored by most of us. Sometimes we may talk unknowingly the things which we never know are hurting somebody.

It is really a way of earning respect in eyes of your near and dear ones. With doing so, your beloved ones will feel to express themselves freely to you. They will feel comfortable with you. And most importantly, you earn respect. It is truly in your hand.

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