Wait For Your Child To Blossom

For their child, every parent has numerous dreams, strongly associated with hopes. There is a lot of happiness hidden even in these thoughts.

From the moment of birth of child, how and what good can be done and given for him or her, becomes center point of all thoughts. The next part is that, at what our child is good, is heartily searched by every parent, which is mostly accompanied by big curiosity. How will be child’s life, career, -parents start wondering on such questions.

Usually till the age of four, there comes a confidence that our child is very productive. Whatever the child wants to do, there is every reason to believe and there are so many qualities that he can easily go anywhere. Gradually, as the children grow up, the imperfections within them are noticed.

Some parents, in the excitement, go to 'set' their children's lives. As an example, when a mother's child was in kindergarten, she was trying hard to predict her kid’s career path. The justification of her eagerness was to set kid’s lifestyle accordingly, starting from his getting up in the morning to sleeping in the night. So that he will not suffer any more in future, his mother really felt. Parents also admit them to different types of classes.

An interview of some popular sportsperson is seen by parents and they see their cute little baby in that place. And similar happens seeing examples of young singer, dancer, researcher, scientist, entrepreneur, who are shining today.
There is nothing unnatural in it.
Every parent has a right to dream. For their children, if the parents will not dream, then who else?

However, thinking that these dreams have to be accomplished at earliest, while keeping such hope, expectation ,aspiration, ambition, are we hurrying for it? You must not, this should be self-checked.

Whatever are your dreams for kids? They have absolutely no clue about it.

But do we care where our kids incline to? What she or he likes, what he wants, is much more important. Perhaps the things that you never imagined, could not imagine, can be the expertise of the child! We can do one thing for that and that is - Wait for that day.

Parents do a lot for the growth and development of children. Especially money, time. They provide all the facilities possible. They love them, give advice, and guide them by thinking ahead of them for right path. But do keep in mind that all this we can do to a certain limit.

If you want to let them go beyond that limit, then it is very necessary keep the patience.

They themselves should decide what to do in their life.  He must be able to find out what is in himself. One must find his own road.
We plant seeds in soil with care. Take time to properly sow them, wait for the first green leafy to come out of the soil. Few leaves and then delicate stem is observed. The growth of that plant we look forward to eagerly every day. The plant will have a nice shape, lots of leaves will come, and then there will be a slow, delicate bud. One day – it will blossom - in one morning it will blossom itself.

When that beautiful and natural time comes, it will happen; but no one can accurately tell when that time will come!

You water the plant every day. Fertilize, But flowers will not come at the time you want. Flowers will come when there is a suitable time for flowering, read somewhere. There is a lot of meaning in this statement. Not all trees are alike. Everyone has diversity.

Everyone's growth and development happens at different times and in different ways. To obtain abundant flowers, if you supply water excessively, there is a possibility that the roots of the tree may get rotten. And the tree does not grow up. And this exactly should not happen in our child’s case!

At the right time, it is important to supply sufficient water, fertilize them; occasionally do rooting of soil to get oxygen to the roots, show sunlight, and this entire process will be fruitful.

Some trees may be such that they may not grow very fast. They will not bloom. Maybe they cannot even bear fruit; but by good way, they will maintain their own existence. You may not like it. The internal mechanism of the plant decides its growth limit. While growing, plant needs to be transferred to big bucket. At the right time, given a suitable space of process, the tree will definitely grow.

All of these things happen in a certain order. Each tree is different. It also depends on the variety of peripheral things, such as seed of the tree, the fertility of the soil, the proper sunlight.

For all of this, patience is very important. We saw positive side of being patient. Keep faith in the right direction. It is expected that something good will happen.

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