Your children should not be lonely?

Sometime ago, news of few popular and successful people committing suicide was shuddering. They had nothing less. So their actions seemed to be incomprehensible. What were the loneliness and frustration of people living in the constant crippling of public, in the face of publicity? Were they alone? 

Man is a sociable animal. He loves to sit in the group. To make the group live, he prepares a family, maintains a grand relationship, tries to maintain the social order. However, these society elements, its structure changes with time. Accordingly, today's family has gradually shrunken, to only two, three or four members. Is that right? It's hard to tell. Loneliness is the most familiar effect of a small family!  

Even on getting constantly involved in many activities  like gadgets, numerous games, school homework, art, competition, malls, multiplexes, amusement parks, trips and camps, but still the boys become ‘bore’. 

Because loneliness is a mental condition. Everyone's ability to handle the situation is different!  

No matter how unimaginable it is, solitude is somewhat beneficial. Not only this, but also some extent it is necessary.While diving comfortably in the bathtub, Archimedes said that he found the 'Eureka' moment. Newton would have been sitting under a tree without doing anything like this and invented gravity.  

Most of all writing, great work evolves only when there is silence. Moreover, when alone, then it’s time to have a nice dialogue with yourself.
When we are not under any pressure, we can firmly put opinion.

Loneliness, Depression - these modern life-styles have donated to you. At least, we have started talking about depression nowadays; but what about loneliness? When this depression surrounds the mind, it cannot be uprooted, at such a time only speaking frankly to someone can result breakthrough from depression. Suicidal helplines are based on the same truth. Some studies have concluded that today's person is becoming more autistic. 

We are becoming used to adore our sadness. To be happy, our surrounding should be happy, we are forgetting. For children today, there is a world that has 'I', 'My Marks', 'My Achievements', 'My Future'. 

Because of the habit of communicating on faceless social media, today, we are embarrassed to talk to somebody in front of anyone, especially children. The result is that at this sensitive age, some of them become more and more alone, they go into their shells. Even children who seemingly have a smile may be lonely from inside and how terrible consequences can be!

Some people become deeply involved in it and become victims of depression or small challenges, face tension and helplessly surrenders to situation.

Someone shows sympathy and that is understood as love, searching for a dose of drugs, accepting the virtual world of social media, and trying to get rid of the life! 
Do you think your children should not be lonely?
Then we ought to teach some life skills to them: Empathy or faith, the art of communicating with others, the secret of maintaining relationships, the ability to compete on your own ability, the threat to face the stresses and the skills to handle the problem efficiently! Whenever all children are concerned about thinking about any incident from other side, finding creative options, repairing their mistakes and repairing them, increases the chances of getting them friends. 

Apart from this, they have to be taught beyond thinking about themselves and also to know the extent of suffering. How can he do this? If his social awareness was awakened, would he? 

That can be done through things? Parents' example can help children acquire these skills. Another thing is to give children a chance to mix with others, help them in socializing. Such children should give priority to playing games in groups rather than playing games alone. Eg Volleyball, Football, Team Sports than swimming. 

Wherever I have read, the power to give happiness to us is in Panchmahabhuta. The earth, the water, the fire, the air and the sky raise the mind, the pure, natural pleasures. How satisfying the child's face is, observing the magical particles of dancing dust in the slit of sunlight! When children play in the soil, wet in the rain, where are they alone? 

They enjoy the serene!  

It is a shame that we are needing to introduce our children artificially to the world beyond technology and to enjoy their enjoyment, but it is the truth.  

Read the news of the robot named i-Pal! It has been designed as a mate with robots that look like a normal five-year-old boy. He plays with children like a friend, talks, helps them. 

Today you are saying that technology is responsible for the loneliness and finally using that technology to vote on it! Big paradox! Your children should enjoy solitude and enjoy the community! However, if you are alone, you should see that your child is not alone.

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