Work For Money - Work For Passion - Both Required

The second hardest thing in our lives is to keep the balance between the earning for a living and living the life satisfactorily. Food, Shelter and Clothes, these being the most fundamental things required for life, we have to have them anyhow. When a human is born, it all starts with these 3 things only. But as the life progresses, it does not limit only to those.

Unlike all other livings, humans start their life in a very structured way.While that structure being followed up, fundamental needs are taken care implicitly as a part of our social living.And so the focus is on satisfaction in the form of achievements, happiness, enjoyments, and multiple things.In this chase of the satisfaction, we tend to sideline the fundamental needs(those 3 things mentioned above).

When the entire human race is able to somehow earn the 3 things, our likings take primary position in our life, such as our passion in life.It may not be sure that if we will be able to achieve all those things by earning through passion.Because what happens is in the early stage of life, we pick a track for our lifetime and at slightly later stage we come to know that we had to be somewhere else instead of this.But dilemma begins thereafter. You have been trained to earn money until this stage, this track fulfils your need of 3 things, but you are not satisfied.You have food to eat, house to live in, clothes to wear in, all satisfied physically, but your mind is still hungry for something else.And do note here that the 4th thing will come into picture when you can manage first 3 things.

At some stage of life, you have the responsibility of family, dependents, and liabilities. You cannot just throw them away and start picking a new track. It is not that easy.

You need to start planning for it.This always needs strong determination.Once you have the responsibility, you cannot just scatter the things in your personal life and start a new running. The new run will never guarantee the same amount of earnings, as you need to make your expertise firm there.To make it firm, your mind should be at least be relaxed for the assured fundamental living of your family.Then you can grow the exploration of that satisfaction world of yours as and how you like.The harder efforts will definitely be no issue, as it has now started achieving satisfaction for you.
Do not be selfish to look for only your happiness.Because your achievements will not be best celebrated by anyone other than your family.

Do not do sacrifice of your passions because do remember that this is the only life and it is going to end someday.And if you are not happy so will not your family.
Plan for the balanced run.

Always remember, it is never too late.Those who have started earlier in the same field than you, may not have the same passion or urge like that of yours.Because now have seen the life and you know the importance of missing this thing in life.You will not give any chance to miss it again.
Even the journey of this achievement will become enjoyable. Go ahead.

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