Viewing Cinema in Theaters - Humans Festive

Of course, experiences of association with nature are delightful.Mere a glance at greenery makes your mood swing in a positive way.Still, I would say humans who invented so many things till date, also give enormous delight to the mind.I am going to describe one such powerful experience house created by human beings - its Cinema Theater.

How we celebrated cinema viewing a couple of decades back -
Since childhood, almost everyone is in awe of the new world of some other living things in cinema.Its viewed in the darkness.Its a festival going to view cinema in the theater.There happened to plan.Once is a quarter of half year, there used to be a choice of a cinema which everyone in the family or neighbours would agree upon.Then, on the initiative by a few couples, there would be gathering of interested ones.After deciding the availability of almost everyone, a date would be finalized and immediately show time.

On the day of show, planning of the daily schedule would be there, such as special choosy dressing for adults and kids, meals timing on that day, etc.In all this happening, children had no bound to their joys, whether or not they know anything about the cinema, but they used to be sure that experience must be enchanting to them. 

Everyone gets ready on time, and tries enough to make others be on time! They never wanted to miss a single glimpse of the experience. 

With all finishing touch up to their so-called festive attire, ladies and gentlemen gather and head towards the celebration spot.There is great joy in their hearts, and something special
definitely.Gentlemen, ladies and children, it is a group of.
All reach the theatre location, waiting for the experience to experience cinema. 

Some proactive gentlemen buy tickets with all headcounts and distribute to every single individual.There used to be a ring of a show over and a new show to be started.And all enter the cinema hall.Songs from the same movie, usually, would be playing in audio in the hall.It created strong mood of the same movie going to be viewed.Checking the seat numbers group would be arranged in a row to be together.

All set to finally enjoy the experience.

Audio is played off.And the beginning bell rings.All alert to hear the announcement.Staring towards the silver screen to glow colourfully. Censor board certificate with smooth noise from speakers.And everyone with their personal feelings entered into a new world.
If the film hits the emotions of them, then its desired that experience should continue on and on.

And how we view cinema nowadays:-
Lots of things in above-mentioned experiences changed.We view the trailers online, book tickets online, read the reviews and critics comments before choosing a cinema, theatre franchise choices, audio quality, visual appeals, and many more.

Some cinema release in different dimensions[2D/3D/4D], some in
different formats[Imax and regular]. Many more parameters are in place to enhance the experience to its best.

So not going to describe in details as we all are living in this world already. Not necessarily today people go in groups, they prefer going to celebrate cinema with own family only, mostly.

But what remains intact in the core is the enthusiasm to go there and view it on larger than life screen, that interest that charm is still there of viewing cinema in theatres.And that thing is something which time could not take away from this human-made delight!

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