Valentine's Day - How To Make It Worth Remebering

Since the start of the winter, pleasant feelings are experienced. Reason being, unlike in summer we are terrified by hotness in climate and unlike in monsoon, we are not restricted to go somewhere with due checking weather conditions. Winter is really very special. No doubt it boosts the energy levels, positivity, we become more active, best weather to enjoy life.

Not sure, but if its a coincidence that Valentine's Day is celebrated intentionally in winter. But one cannot imagine Valentine's Day in any other season.

Whatever I read or got to know, this love day, is shrouded in mystery. It is an honouring one or more Saints named Valentinus who were martyred.Stories vary from source to source so I will not describe any here.

This day is a celebration of romance. Youngers and elders both can celebrate the festival with equal spirit and passion. Winter adds a pleasant flavour to this celebration. Being natural, younger people enjoy this enthusiastically. Planning is done with thoughtful process well in advance, in which special care is taken for the surprise factor.

Things going in heads of Valentine couples:
  • His/her valentine must get surprised 
  • Celebrate in something new way to be remembered
  • Of course, it should be impressive
  • Finance management for special gifts and celebrations
  • Surfing for celebration venue and gifts and their finalization
  • Elimination of chances for unplanned things, avoiding ruining
  • 'Dressical' planning to make it photogenic
  • Most importantly, no compromise in expressing the love

How it can be celebrated worth remembering:-

- Planning is necessary for making the day special

- The only way to do something new is to go for a plan of combination of things which you have not done yet, be it simple or less costly but will provide a feeling of newness 

- The best way to impress your valentine will be 'Just be yourself'. No overreacting, no extra efforts for impressing artificially, no show-off.Be genuine and work is half done 

- Gifts and Celebration venue or whatever is suggested to be as per our financial situation, because do remember he/she is in love with you, and his/her decision will not be altered because the amount of money being spent. Spending within limits will obviously keep your mind calm.This is skill and not close-fisted behaviour.

- Take the gifts in your custody as early as possible, as you cannot afford its unavailability at the last moment. Finalize the celebration venue with, at least, basic enquiry beforehand, so that you will be peaceful because of the assurity.

- Chocolates, Cakes, Flowers, Greeting Cards are the obvious companions of the gift. They decorate the atmosphere and so the mood.

- Try to keep the plans intact as long as possible. We never know but at least do no celebrate this day with something urgent going on in your mind.Better you celebrate the occasion next day by you being entirely his/hers, will be delighting. 
Do keep few lines/quotes ready, something you generated on your own.

- You are the best judge to choose a dress for the festive. You know that one fitting of the dress which fills confidence in you. Choose a new of such fitting. Do not try to be over cautious and go for uncomfortably doubtful attire.

- Keep the mood damn positive and make a note to be as cool as possible even if something unpleasant happens at the time.Face it.

- Finally no excuses to the ultimate intention of the moment, and that is expressing the love. Wait for the moment and when you think that now I am settled emotionally for this moment, express with your own words and feelings. Put your Heart in front in the form of feelings and finally in the form of words. Go For It! You can try someone else's dialogues, lines, quotes, but those will be still less impressive than those you produced from your Heart. Remember it.

This is the one day, even the unmarried and married couples have the chance to let their Valentines know how much they are important for them, and why you want them in your life forever. Don't Miss It!

  Happy Valentine's Day  

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