Unbiased Fan - Can it start to happen

Fan - A simple word which most often we hear or use, to emphasize the admiration, whom or whose work we want others also to notice about. Isn't it?

When you use this word, it instantly creates the impression about you that whether you can handle the criticism about that person or not.It also brings an additional and informal responsibility of every side of his/her personality to tackle in an unbiased manner.But 'Unbiased Fan', this is the ultra-contrast combination to be seen.Because if you are Fan of someone, you can hardly handle the negative side of that idol, even if you agree with that flip-side.

I liked the sentence of a news journalist, where he usually asks people not to become Fan of someone.Then he says, if you become the one, then most likely that you will see the world through his eyes only, you will blindly follow his thoughts, you will accept his way of behaviour ignoring blindly the other sides.

Some of the clever readers of these lines will immediately put a question that then no one in this world will be a fan of anyone, or rather say if we like someone's work or we want to follow him, then how can it be possible without being a fan?

I try to explain this:

The word Fan is mostly used in the context of sportspersons, movie stars, business tycoons, politicians, or the ones damn popular in their respective career fields.I observe a strange psychology with a human being that when we see someone as a public figure, our brain gets impressed with him as the one who did something extraordinarily unnatural.We try to forget that he too is a human being who has succeeded till there with some reasons.So we ought to admire it if it is really positive for our society.

At the same time, we should limit the admiration to the boundary of the career that idol is performing in.You cannot associate his admirable performance with his every activity of his life and justify his wrongdoings, if any, taking the illogical support of his talented performance in his area.
For example, a politician addresses his followers to make a corruption free society and promises to do so if his followers support him.At the same time, in his personal life, you cannot accept him if he commits some crime.You cannot defend or justify this.If a film star that you admire, shares a cordial relationship with an accused or a criminal, you ought not to support him, however big fan you are of his work.

When people become Fan they tend to worship the performers and this creates a psychological impact on the minds of 'people-grown' idols such that they tend to hide the bad things from you.They worry about their image in the eyes of their fans.This is harmful to the society.And on the reverse side, also if any wrongdoing comes in front of their fans they also are not able to take it up.

Every human being is born with some shortcoming.You cannot just extend his perfectness to infinite level merely on the basis of his skilful and talented performers in his field, and just ignore his life's grey shades completely dedicating your mind and your thoughts to him.

Remember, your thoughts are very unique, just like every human being is unique.Apply them sensibly for the betterment of your life and society around you.What is the use that uniqueness gifted by nature, if few 'idols' influence it for their own betterment?

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