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Let me have an obvious magical are reading these thoughts of mine on, maybe computer, laptop, tab, or maybe smartphone, but one thing that is sure that you are not reading it on some printed paper[if you like this article, you can print it for you or someone but the first reading is for sure on soft copy]!!! Isn't that magic!

The time I am pressing keys on keyboards is digital age or we can say transforming to digital life.
The media with which we are communicating with each other are marvellous. You don't feel isolated at any time, anywhere you be in the world.It is that power of the communicating mediums, to name specifically those are Facebook, WhatsApp, Emails portals are the big names hugely used.The moment you see you are connected to the internet you feel very safe and lively.It is something that has almost become a fundamental necessity of living.Send some contents from one corner to another corner of the world, and that too instantly. That is the actual magic we are all cherishing.Even the voice calling of the internet is being used by people irrespective of traditional coverage issues and extend the joy with video calling irrespective of the distance you are apart. Facebook takes care of you so much that you feel treated very personally.It offers you to join some interesting groups of your choices, suggests friends you might have missed to join, provides many more ways to express your views, feelings to whom you meet occasionally. This is so good I must say.

The most loved entertainment medium is youtube, what a portal..! damn good.We don't even care if we will miss any of our favourite shows, news, especially any video broadcasting from TV, we rely on Youtube more than on Television these days.We are sure YouTube will provide us with those missed content to us.Not only as a TV alternative but for any entertainment content category.I will suggest anyone who is not that aware of youtube, ask him/her to just visit while he/she get bored sometimes, and just type in any damn word in search box and they will find numerous video contents in front of them.It does not only stop here but while watching YouTube guesses your category of choice and suggests more likewise contents to you so that you can enjoy the experience uninterrupted.It pushes the limits to one more level in which you also can be part of the content if you wish.If you have some video contents and feel to share with the global audience, it is just a few clicks away.Upload it and let others enjoy it because of you, and you can create a separate channel of such similar content which will be the place to view for the people.

One more informative area is websites.In old days we need to search for the office of some organization to inquire something.It is not the case now. Just type in few similar word in google and it will find the virtual office place which we call website, for you.Visit the website and you get all the information needed.Don't you find it magical when we compare it with an old in-person visit to a physical location?The online support trend is also booming nowadays, in which executives are available online to support you for any related query.They may chat with you, call you back on your phone, send email to you. I find these extremely uncommon.

You can just call or book a taxi with a mobile application, and the vehicle will be at your gate to pick you up! It is not just that but the payment also will be done through online wallet associated! More to this, for safety, the vehicle will be tracked for its every momentary location, including all the details of the driver!

You open the website or mobile app and book your favourite movie to watch, theatre, and seats, and even pay the money, and to continue further, it doesn't stop here but you don't have to carry any paper copy these days! You show the gatekeepers the e-ticket in your mobile gadget and enter without worry to carry it out with you.Entire process digitized. Magically!

Hotstar is a mobile application which telecasts the sports matches live on your mobile gadget. No need to sit down in front of your TV all the time.It releases the premiere shows directly too.On paid service, it offers you to watch many latest contents there.

To extend, online web portals are something like Amazon Prime Video are becoming popular these days. Creative people from the film industry are releasing their shot contents directly here such as short films, web series and experts say it is the future of entertainment industry.

This I mentioned above are the popular or the trends I know. There are huge things coming into the digital market, and transformations going on which even I cannot imagine or know at the time.But still, I see this digital trends something like 'Alice in Wonderland' story.We may not recognize it instantly as we are living in it and we moved to it step by step slowly.But to get an idea of this magic, just rewind yourselves back to many years, or say when you were a little child and then view the world we live in now, it is magic!

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