Travelling, for refreshment in life

Many people around us tell us that they are very much fond of travelling to same or different places.Personally, I used to feel it very boring ..ha ha ha... I saw travelling as a tedious way to ruin your relaxation time.But there were reasons for it and now I have a different view for it.

My simple thinking is that travelling is joyful if you are enjoying life without any significant concurrent concerns in yours.Those concerns should not dominate you to refrain you from enjoying one joyful aspect.

Traveling needs the energy to enjoy.You cannot go to travel with fever in your body or with any coughing or cold conditions or likewise.No one can enjoy travelling in such physical conditions.

Simply saying, you have to be mentally and physically relaxed to get energy from travelling phenomenon.

And there won't be any person who would not like to visit GREEN Nature from their artificial forest of cement and concrete!

I heard, in some countries, there are forests developed which are charged like spas for the entry in it.These natural places are grown like a forest with a different variety of trees, bushes, herbs.People are benefited by spending some hours in association with the trees, because of their offering of peace, plenty of oxygen, some trees even provide medical benefits merely just by being near to them.

The main attraction of travelling is to visit GREEN nature.Along with this, riverside remote places, mountains, hill stations, beaches, sanctuaries, and many more are different forms where we can travel.It's not necessarily flying by air or by train only.It may be near to you too.People sometimes make it as grace and as do it as a fashionable doing.We should not forget the fundamental necessity of travelling.

Travel by air or by train, or very long distance journeys may not be affordable by everyone, but then we should not dominate enjoyment.If that would have been the case, then so many people wouldn't have been admirers of trekking, hiking, wandering.

To give you a glimpse of pleasure by travelling, just do one thing.For a complete day(having no office/business work), starting from you get up in morning, just be there in your house.Take all your food on time, relax in between, watch how much TV you can, play mobile games if you want, and do all indoor stuff.Initially, you will feel very awesome, no physical stress, no work to do.In the evening, there is a very weird sense of staleness you start to sense.I am sure it's with every one of us.Though we have relaxed fully, no work exertion, mental enjoyment with gadgets, but why staleness after all..?
Now do one more thing in continuation with this.

In the evening, when you start feeling stale, just wear some casual clothes, and choose any place around your home you would like to visit, and just go.Yes, just go with anyone who is willing to accompany you, family, friend/s, relatives, anyone.

The moment you exit out of your home, which was though very comfortable for the entire day, will be dissolving your staleness very refreshingly. everyone has experienced it some other time in life.
This is very astonishing that Nature has tremendous positivity in it to naturally relax you.If you are on a train or a bus, the running mode of them gives us so much of pleasure.

The entire duration you spend in travelling, starting from preparing yourself with excitement, to start of an actual journey, reaching the place, enjoying the place,  returning home with shopping in it, becomes a short-term life experience in itself.Eben their memories make you feel so much refreshed, it's just fine.

I am to make an equally simple point here that such staleness is always being accumulated in your daily routine lifestyle.After a certain prolonged circular routine, you must get out for some travelling.I know you will agree with me on this.It will be that moment where unknown staleness will start dissolving and you can experience it.

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