Trailer - Challenge to your thinking process

Trailers, teasers, promos of a movie are the things which are viewed much more than the actual movie going to be released.Yes, it is.Simple reason for that being, its free, it's exciting, its adrenaline running, and most importantly it gives us an idea of expectation we can keep from the end product.
People outside the project think these things are to attract the customers, to increase their business.Apart from few people think that's only to do with business purpose only.

But only a few people are really admiring the hard work the team behind went through, to bring it out for you.We ought not to forget that this is also one of the servicing works in the societies.If thought on granular level, we can see it just another work for in society.

Some movie trailers really are awaited after the long wait.Its news is already creating a buzz in the various media.Even the shooting snaps are seen being viewed in between shooting.The fantasies people imagine are taking high leaps for the teasers and then trailers and finally to release of the complete movie.The whole journey is really very very exciting.Especially when you are following a particular cinema person, be it actor/actress, director, music composer or it can be anyone
whose work you admire regularly.

These days one step is inserted or rather say modified, and that is motion poster release.Earlier, it was the case of releasing only the movie poster but its reformed in this era as motion poster, which too is exciting to watch.

After that teaser is released.Many people are not knowing the concept of the teaser, which is there for literally teasing the audience.Teaser teases you and makes you a thinker for the possibilities of the story,and visualization of the final movie.If it appeals people are now in wait for a trailer to see in which film is revealed in brief, which tries very hard to appeal viewers to come and watch the movie in the theater.

The trailer usually gives you a glimpse of movie's best scene which can compel you to go to a theater.It creates your own version of that movie in your own mind.It gives you the feel of the music, be that be songs or background score of the music, and I tell you those really one of the best-selected pieces you will hear while watching a movie.An idea is inserted into your mind to imagine the product they have finally made and they challenge you that still, it will be very much different than
what you thought until release.That's the power of trailer.

And mainly trailer is the time where release date is officially and finally announced.
Now is the period to just enjoy the promos in various parts of the the film which are small forms of teasers.

Different advertisement posters to remind you not to forget to watch the product they have made over the months.

They invite you, they want to show you the hard work they did, they are waiting for you after this requests.After all, it's their job.

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