Television news media - Responsibility of citizens

News media is such strong conveyor of the happenings all around the world. I am wanting to express thoughts wandering in my mind about television media especially, in this article.

My very first thought on TV media is that it has become a power show of stardom. Let me elaborate this. I am not a regular viewer of television media. But whenever I prefer to watch the news on TV, I give preference to the news anchor who will be reporting the news to me.In an aspect, his way of delivering the report to the public is taken into account. Those anchors are carrying stardom in my view. I get fascinated by their presentation. In a way, I become their fan. And this thing, I sensed was not uncommon with me only, but not many other people when I came across fan clubs on social media!

Of course, if news anchor impresses you to that extent so that you prefer to see the news on the channel on which he will be presenting, there must be some qualities in him which attract people to listen and be convinced to his thoughts.That's why we see him.This proves we are convinced with his point those have been put.

I feel very uneasy when people around me label the channels as a supporter of the particular political party! Not being a regular viewer of TV news, then I intentionally watch that particular channel and try to verify the point people talk about. And let me tell you, I cannot strongly deny what people said. Somewhere I too feel that they are correct, but in the next minute, I see myself on the other side. I  think that what if I say that it is people who are biased to see good things about their favourite political party!

I also observed that it is almost impossible to have a common stand of all people of a country. And these differences start the segregation of supporters. I not only strongly believe but also am sure that there is not a single person who is not supporting his/her country! It is just the difference of opinions. Be there be any national issue and let be there any political ruling party, that party has to take some stand. Has to! And it must not be in anyone else's favour apart from our nation's favour! People and political parties with a different opinion may oppose to cross check if it really is worthy decision and there are debates viewed.

News anchors also share their views indirectly on other channels reporting. And as a right of journalism, they do it. They do it to clarify each and every doubt people may have in their mind. Respective viewers support their convinced channel of their opinions.

I will still say, whatever TV news media show, it is finally we people of this country who should force the media to present facts in front of us.If we hear talk that news channels are biased, it also means they are showing because we re interested to see that bias. it also means that we are not interested in verifying the facts, it also means that if there is any truth that news channels are corrupt then by viewing these channels we are fanning them to be more corrupt, it also means we are interested in presentation rather than contents, it also means we are forgetting the purpose of news media and power of citizens for betterment of our nation !

We have to be sensible and not emotional when it comes to the nation. We should not be emotionally driven by the strongly convincing debates that happen to divert your minds from the nation's interest. In fact, it should be the people in power, be it politicians or be it popular news channels, they should think twice before thinking of fooling us if they are doing so anyway.

Because, it is only one thing which comes first before everyone, and that is the nation, for which we ought to do this.

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