Sarcasm of and by God

I believe in God.You may or may not believe in the same.According to me, God has created an infinite number of cases as examples.You take any best scenario that your mind can imagine for your happiness, and same way worst one.Everything exists in this world of humans.

Many times we hear such incidents which teller has experienced itself but the listener is unable to make its mind to believe it.For example, I heard that a man with very up to the mark intelligence, guiding his near and dear ones positively, committed suicide! 

Somewhere, your colleague in an office with very poor performance is fired from a job and after few years you hear he becoming an inspiration to you looking at the growth he made.Such surprising and miraculous you also might have come

With so many human beings on earth and animals accompanying them
around in nature, their behavioral combination is seen or unseen by us.If we see it, we are surprised and become curious to observe life part of these among themselves.When all this happening around you, you decide some actions you want to achieve in life.You start preparing for them, you fail, you learn, you rise again, you continue these cycles to get something in life.

Things to achieve keep on changing in life but these steps you keep on repeating irrespective of it.While these cycles are running, you see a benchmark which boosts you up to energize.You see that benchmark as something achievable, and your mind prefers to see it instead of the failed cases.While juggling with these, you learn that the achievement of that particular thing is not that easy and is not gotten exactly like someone already achieved. 

This is the trick of god.God sets such example as an ideal around us.To specifically name such examples, I will suggest Sachin Tendulkar, Shahrukh Khan, Narendra Modi etc.God has gifted them so many successful paths that one hardly can answer how did they achieve to get such successes in one life! People see these examples very hypothetically and start to adopting these real-life examples as unrealistic ones!

Huge number of people start to follow these ones to become like ones.If you want to get the real picture, refer twitter social medium website.People follow them as religion and everything they do matter to their followers.People become happy to see the achievements of their ideal person, followers are saddened to see the failures of them.
In all this fuzz, you can never create an ideal person like them, its very unanswerable by anyone, can you answer...?

Say, Shahrukh Khan is the biggest star actor of the country.He has two sons, a daughter, but no one in this world, though dreaming, cannot create another Shahrukh Khan! Even SRK cannot guarantee of this, although his children have blood, genes of SRK, all the facilities to provide, everything and everything available, but no guarantee! Why? 
Same with Sachin Tendulkar's son.No follower of Narendra Modi can create another one with that level of achievements in one life. Why?

Many parents provide so many teachings, coaching to their kids from childhood to sing like Lata Mangeshkar, but history is evident that Lata Mangeshkar is still the untouched benchmark of singing. Why?

This is my observation on a high level.God has set up these examples but hasn't given any other human being with such capabilities though that fellow is ready to do anything for that.Doesn't it sound bit odd..?

Now if you agree, do not get disappointed with these facts, I have a wonderful solution for that. No one can become exactly like any other one.You can only get the knowledge of what they did, not necessarily you can do the same stuff.You have to make up your mind for the fact that you don't know if you are the chosen one like Harry Potter who was destiny's child.So keep on doing what you like.Because God is controlling us, but we cannot control him.And this is evident.You cannot know and so cannot control your future.Think on this.

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