Respect Country - Respect Earth

One's country is his/her pride.It is best felt when we leave our country and travel to the other.You sense the notion of it.At the same, we must remember, the same applies to the people on the other side.Yes.

We are fond of talking about the goodness of our country, features, the traditions-how good are they, climate, big cities, food culture, and everything tends to be admirable in your country.
This should not become unidirectional otherwise there happens good chances of making impression on other people instead of sharing the best of our country.

Do remember that if we are travelling to some other people's land or they are coming to our land, it means there is an implicit and mutual appreciation for that of each other.Because without this, ours and their paths would not have crossed at all, and we all would have lived the life in our own ways.And this is not definitely good for the development of the entire world.

If we are allowing foreign people onto our land then they become our guests.Guests are so provided so much of warmth everywhere for which no human society must be an exception.Welcoming the guests and guests appearance too is mutual respect.

We should tend to share our goodness with them and at the same time we must listen and allow them to share theirs too.And while saying this, respect for each other is only and has to be part of this all.We should avoid commenting on the ongoing or past issues between the countries.Honestly telling that is none of our business, unless you are the authorized political person for that and sent for the sole purpose.And same applies to our guest too.

If we are meeting by chance to someone from altogether different human society, country, culture, then it becomes our best chance to learn the good things whatever they possess and have been living with.If nature has created all the human beings, then we cannot just pinpoint the backdrops in each other.Rather we do not have a right of that.Everyone is continuously in a stage of the betterment of their society, in some way.

This does not go only with individual meetings but to any layer of the meeting between foreigners, such as personal, business related, political, and any layer which can be utilized as an exchange of thoughts and hence knowledge with each other.

After all, it is true, divided we fall, united we stand.This earth we live on is our one and only land.We cannot leave it.Then why do not make it the best for our living? The notion we sense for our country, if we all feel it for our earth you can imagine the power we humans can have to live the best possible way here.

Let's live it.

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